While some rules make a lot of sense, such as not sticking your hand in an open flame or pushing playmates into ongoing traffic, other rules, not so much. I think we all make ‘rules’ knowingly or otherwise to police our conduct or conform to misguided beliefs perpetrated by others or even ourselves.

I’m big about making rules, to the point that I sometimes feel myself on the verge of exploding inexpicably. While most of them are meant to make me a better person, more often then not they just stress me out and get me nowhere such as….

1. You may not have any fun until you finish your work.  Including, blogging, sleeping, reading, walking your dog, talking to friends on the phone, or anything else not classified as work.

2.  You may not eat (forbidden food item) or drink (forbidden beverage) until you have lost (impossible weight loss goal).  Consequently, I am only allowed diet soda, water, vitamins and carb free foods.

3. Bite your tongue and be nice.  God forbid you should object when someone is firmly planting their foot up your ass, or on your back.

4. Spend as little money as possible because you can’t afford (object of my desire).   Anything other than food, rent and bills is a forbidden expenditure. And you may not enjoy the fruits of your labor by buying things unless they are extremely cheap and/or purchased at a thrift or discount store.

5. If somebody offers you work, take it. No matter what.  As long as it’s legal, take the work, never mind that it amounts to endentured slavery or can’t possibly cover your expenses. The economy is so bad that holding out for a job or work that can actually support you and not make you feel like a robot drone at the same time is tantamount to arrogance.

6. Go to bed at a reasonable hour so you can get up early and get things done. Despite the fact that you are biologically wired to be a night person and hate early morning you must rise with the blue jays.

7. Exercise every day.  Yes, and do it while you’re working – thigh masters and tummy belts were made for you!

8. Eat right and take care of yourself.  Even though your budget only allows for Kraft mac ‘n’ cheese and sugarless gum.

9. Always give people a million second chances, they don’t really mean to ruin your life.  No, even while people are crapping all over you, they don’t really mean it. Their hearts are in the right place, you just know they are and someday they will know it too. Hold out until they can get in touch with their inner good person.

10. Don’t even think about a love life until you look good again.  In that case, game over.

These and other rules we make for ourselves are the binds that sstrangle us. Developing a laundry list of things that we must do probably prevents us from doing all the things we could do. In the end, rules are good if they work for you, if not, throw them out and start marching to your own drummer. You may find it’s the right tune after all.

copyright 2010

6 thoughts on “Rules

  1. About #7

    Does thinking about exercising count? I break a sweat just thinking about exercising.

    About #10

    BSue takes her glasses off so I got this one licked. 😉

    Oh and about #2

    I’m doomed
    /going to my room now.

    Oh, poor Squawky. Well, thanks for the true confessions. 😆


  2. Don’t we have rules so we can break them. I thought that was the rule.

    ~ smiling ~ Great post Annie
    Love Di.

    Hey Di,
    Maybe that is the rule and I’ve missed it all this time. Could be you’re onto something.


  3. I think we were taught from the same book. There’s something to be said for self-discipline (I had some once upon a time). Also something to be said for learning “How to be Your Own Best Friend,” a wise little pop psych book from the ’70s.

    Hey Girl,
    Oh yes, we were taught from the same book indeed. LOL, I remember book…. 😉


  4. There’s something to be said for such rules. As Pied Type mentioned- self-discipline works. Stuff gets done, we accomplish goals. It is a quality severely lacking in a lot of younger folks.

    But i break my rules all the time. Life happens and sometimes the rules aren’t so constructive in every instance. Or maybe they keep me from what i want.

    i like rules that bend. 🙂

    Hmm…well then bendable rules is on the table. Sounds kind of good to me – sort of built in contingency plan, eh? Yes, some rules are good but it’s the crazy ones that get us stuck, methinks.



  5. Yeah, I think Pied Type was right–we were taught from the same book. I wish I could laugh but the self-loathing is kicking in…

    Hey Sandy!
    Ah hell, laugh anyway. Most of the time my insides feel like they are mixed with sulphuric acid too but damn, what’s the point of life if we can’t laugh? 🙂



    1. Had dinner and watched some “Ab Fab” with a friend last night, and you know? It is true that laughter is the best medicine. Plus switching my antidepressant to a new brand. Ha ha!

      Bless you, Annie–you always make me laugh too–have a great weekend!

      That’s my girl – laugh damn you, laugh. 😆 Take care, sweetie.


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