Shiny Things – Theme Friday

Human beings love shiny things
Witness hosannas to the sun, stars and moon

Like a divining rod to lightning, our shiny things draw us near…

Christmas lights
Pennies in parking lots
Cherry colored Corvettes

My shiny things…
earrings that dangle
smiles that sparkle
eyes that twinkle
a sun-kissed sea in aquamarine refractory
stainless steel pots begging to bake, broil and broast
glinting snow under artic moons
rosy cheeks on giggly children
silver spoons on cool white linens
The light that is born from within and warms a room

Yes, we love our shiny things because they cast out the shadows that haunt us.

copyright 2010

What things shine for Christine?

2 thoughts on “Shiny Things – Theme Friday

  1. Wow! Thanks for the best coffee break all week!

    Hey baby girl! You drinking coffee again…hmmm, methinks this is progress. hehe.
    love ya,


  2. Every line is lovely- I see each image. And then, the closing line and I felt like wow!

    That’s exactly why we love shiny things. Though beautiful, they distract.

    This is beautiful work.

    Hey Chica,
    LOL – oh yes, they distract us, don’t they. Sometimes I wonder if that isn’t the whole idea. Our souls are as big as the universe and yet, whilst trapped in our bodies, our biggest desire is a shiny thing. Interesting, yes?



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