3 thoughts on “Irish Blessing

  1. Dearesr Annie,
    Beautiful, thank you for sharing this and for the wishes. Ireland awaits you.
    With love
    Di xx

    Hey Di!
    I saw your comment on the facebook page…what’s up with that? Email me, huh?


  2. Hi Annie,

    I don’t know what you mean my dear with ‘whats up with that’. Yes I will email you.
    Love Di

    I just wondered what you meant…it sounded like you were planning to come stateside sometime soon – so I wanted to know more about that. Make sense? 🙂


  3. Hi Annie,

    Oh I worried that I’d said something all wrong or something like that ~ smiling ~ I was just kinda saying that I miss you and was planning my future trips ( Too many trips ) but oppurtunties keep flooding in and you were on my mind with my trip planning , thats all. I NEED your email address.
    Love Di xx

    Not at all dear – I was just confused, which doesn’t take much. LOL. For my email, check my about me page – should be there.



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