Spring – Theme Friday

And out of the ashes, Spring has sprung. The fire that savaged and left my beloved hills scarred and black is now but a smoky memory…

Boasting fragile green under the spring sky, the hills are again alive.

I stand in the midsts  of new birth, rebirth and all things green. From tender leaves on saplings to fresh blades of virgin grass.

Creatures and local denizen come out of hiding and run along backyard walls, twitching bushy tails and scanning for crusts and peanut shells. Or take for the sky to revel the green below—settling on branches to sing their springtime ditties.

And now there lives a singing tree—that serenades me nightly as the sun saunters away from day and the moon moves in with silver light.

Jasmine blooms open and perfume the air in sweet repose as feathered friends tuck in the kiddies for the night. I hear them wooing their babies to sleep with chirps-twitters-fluttering wings. The magical tree safely ensconses the tiny warblers in dense foilage—keeping out bullies, making the world safe for babies not yet ready to fly.

copyright 2010

Christine has found spring too

3 thoughts on “Spring – Theme Friday

  1. It was always amazing to see the hills green up. One day- brown and dull and seemingly the next day- the green peachfuzz of spring!

    I sure do miss California!

    I think you gave us a lovely picture. I’m thinking squirrels and swallows, green and clean. I smell the perfume in the air and the trembling of skin in warm air.

    Lovely, Chica. Just lovely.

    Oh Chica,
    You should see them! They are greener than I have ever seen them. Despite that hideous fire and all the harm and worry it caused, it also completely cleared out the old brush and made way for the new. Amazingly so. Spring out here is really pretty.


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