Am I a Rightwing Nut?

You know, I’ve noticed there is an awful lot of discussion about ‘rightwing nuts’ lately. And it seems that really it doesn’t take much to be one based on what I’ve read. In fact, some might say that just being conservative qualifies a person, because apparently, all us conservatives have flak jackets, extra ammo and a spare set of fatigues in the garage ‘just in case.’  And it’s got me wondering if I actually qualify as a rightwing nut, just based on my politically conservative views.

To be sure if I believed what the media in general has to say I’d have to conclude that I am.  After all for heaven’s sake, I …

think that people who work hard shouldn’t have to give a significant portion of their income to an out of control, spend-crazed government to throw it into the black hole they laughingly call the ‘budget.’

I think that people who don’t work hard and/or are comfortable living by another person’s hard work shouldn’t get any special breaks or privileges.

I think people should be helped when they deserve help rather than those who are the victims du jour.

I think that charity is a private matter between the giver and receiver and that forced charity is slavery.

Yup, I must be. However, I’m not sure I fit the stereotype. What may make me not a rightwing nut:

  1. I am not male though I am white
  2. I don’t own a gun, although I do think that those who want to own guns have the right, also known as the 2nd amendment
  3. I don’t spit on people even if they deserve it
  4. I don’t call people names based on their religion or ethnic background, although I sometimes give people silly nicknames because I think it’s fun
  5. I don’t do any kind of training in the woods
  6. I have never worn fatigues
  7. I don’t hate Obama because hate to me is actually personal and since I do not know the man I find it impossible to hate him. However, I do believe he is dangerous to our country, the way a child playing with matches is dangerous to the family home
  8. I still have most of my teeth
  9. I have a high IQ – not Mense high but a ways above average
  10. I do oppose Roe v Wade because it is a state issue and not a federal issue (certainly not a constitutional right). Pro or con, to me is a personal and I really don’t want to know what anybody thinks about it one way or the other
  11. I am not pro-war but I am not opposed to going to war when necessary. And yes, I do believe there are times when it is necessary. Care to argue that point? Let’s talk the Revolutionary War that actually brought this country into being, shall we?
  12. I’ve never owned an RV and am not likely to.

And to be fair I suppose I should list the things that may make me a rightwing nut:

  1. I am white – can’t really get around that one
  2. I do not believe in mass or blanket amnesty in immigration matters
  3. I do not want to be forced to buy healthcare or any other product that I do not personally want or need
  4. I completely reject the idea that man caused global warming since it’s been around for like a bagillion years regardless of what man was doing. However, I do believe in conservation practices and utilizing resources wherever possible
  5. Electric cars – thus far are a bad joke. Likewise hybrids.
  6. I believe in God
  7. I think we already pay too much in taxes. Not just in direct taxes that are called taxes but the sneaky taxes too, such as usage taxes on fuel, sales taxes on products, tax costs worked into the price of goods passed on to the consumer, tobacco taxes, phone and internet regulatory fees, alcohol taxes, junk food taxes, and so on
  8. I see the tea partiers as justifiably angry taxpayers who want real change and seem to be getting traction
  9. I don’t believe in class warfare and find it a despicable political practice designed to turn people against each other to distract them from the real source of the problem
  10. I do not believe in wealth redistribution – meaning just because I make more money (because I work 70 hours per week) than my neighbor Joe (who works as little as possible) I don’t think he deserves to benefit from my work by getting special considerations, cheaper food, cheaper housing, paying no taxes, etc. etc. And no it isn’t unfair that I have more money if I work harder and come by my money honestly. No one is stopping Joe from working harder too.
  11. I don’t believe that the sex education of children is anyone’s job other than that child’s parents.
  12. I put my hand over my heart during the pledge of allegiance and the national anthem.
  13. Next to Christmas the 4th of July is my favorite holiday.
  14. I know that the Constitution is not now nor was it ever intended to be a ‘living, breathing’ document. If that was the case, there would have been some mention of it in the document itself, however, since there isn’t I’m thinking not so much.
  15. Though I think I might have voted for a Democrat once, I don’t make a habit of such things – but mostly because I can’t find one who I can in good conscience support.
  16. I do not want the government involved in my life any more than they absolutely have to be. Not that I have anything to hide but just as what I do or decide in my life is not my neighbor’s business, neither is it the government’s business.
  17. While I don’t believe the government is conspiring against me, us or them, I do believe they should be watched, like a toddler in a swimming pool.

Well, there you have it, my lists. How do you think I come out – nutjob or ordinary citizen?


3 thoughts on “Am I a Rightwing Nut?

  1. Hmmmmm, If I’m 100% in agreement with #1 through #17, does that make me a Right Wing Nut too?
    Maybe that will go on my next job application.
    Keep an eye on your local news paper “Right Wing Nut gets hired on as a Wal Mart door greeter”.

    LOL, oh shoot I forgot to mention WalMart. I mean, all rightwing nuts shop at WalMart, don’t they? Isn’t that supposed to be our national headquarters or something? Well…sorry to disappoint but I don’t shop at WalMart…does Big Lots or the $ store count? 😆

    Yeah, I’d have to say you probably are a rightwing nut too. 😉



  2. You may be a right-wing nut, but this commie liberal (if we must be labeled) loves you!

    LMAO! Back atcha my commie liberal friend. 🙂


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