Walking – Theme Friday

I’m walking. Pushing past protesting muscles that beg me to stop. Breathing labored and proving my sedentary tendencies.

But the sky is blue and the sun sinks into the cold place that lives inside me.

Walking hurts. Blisters form. Hamstrings shriek like sad violins out of tune. The dog drags me along—a little ox of industry, anxious to see the world as the ever exciting place it is. The hill rises slowly but challenges me still.

But walking keeps me alive. And proves that there is life beyond my four walls. And that the world is filled with freedom-seeking creatures. Birds streak across the horizon. Butterflies and bees dart in a nectar-crazed dance. Black-eyed Susans sway and nod with the breeze and smile good morning.

There is space. Life does go on despite hurt or pain. Joy is fleeting but can be known. Happiness sows its seeds and when tended can grow. I could make it grow and live. I could. I have the will…. Only a promise and not a certainty.

The calm spreads slowly and warmly like good cognac in quiet moments. So I walk…and keep walking. Eschewing thought. Worry. Sadness.

It is hard to be bitter in the sunshine. Hard to hate the world when you see it through unjudging eyes. Hard to surrender hope when your body is moving. So…I walk and keep moving. And follow the peace that lives out there.

copyright 2010

Where is Christine walking?

6 thoughts on “Walking – Theme Friday

  1. I actually enjoy walking. I often walk to work and it prepares me. I walk in warmed up and ready to make magic happen! Walking home is a whole other story. I think that’d be called dragging my ass along. 🙂

    But you showed how a walk can prepare or calm a soul. You wrote the reasons why I like walking.

    Good work, Chica.

    Hey Chica,
    I used to walk to and from work for many years. Of course I lived pretty close to work – but yeah walking home was a bit less lively than getting there.



  2. If I could see the world as my dog does, as an “ever exciting place,” both of us would get more walking done. I suspect for her, though, it’s more about ever exciting smells.

    LOL – yup, I’m sure those smells do make it an exciting place for your pup. But I have to tell you, even when I force myself to walk I always feel better. Especially when you work at home and home easily becomes your prison and the computer your jailer – getting outside changes perspective. At least…for me. 🙂


  3. BTW, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you explain — how do you and c come up with your Friday themes? Taking turns with a dartboard?

    Hey Girl,
    Actually I think there is an explanation on the Theme Friday page (although because of changing back and forth between blogs I need to seriously update the page). It’s pretty simple, we just take turns thinking up themes. Now, let me ask you something…does this interest mean that maybe you’d be interested in joining us? We always enjoyed having a third…let me know. 😉


  4. If I’ve learned anything in my old age – and who says I have? – it’s that you can’t be seated 99 percent of the time and expect things to work during the 1 percent that you’re not. I have learned to limit my chair sessions, and I just knocked out an hour and a half of yard work.

    Hey Chaz,
    You’re right – you really can’t live in front of your computer and expect to feel in good shape or even happy. Modern technology is a blessing in many ways, but also a curse. Sometimes I long for the days when you had to go to somebody’s house to see if they were home and having fun meant adventuring the neighborhood, rather than emailling, texting and video games. Ah…the good ol’ days. 😉


  5. Hi Annie,

    Loved to take that stroll with you.

    Walking heals and hey you had a great influence on me with my walking doggie life. Your Maggie helped me to make a decision about my Maggie and now I have my Maggie walking is not as lonesome. I have a Maggie and a beach and life is just wonderful when I walk.

    Lets take a stroll sometime.
    Love Di

    Loved your walk. Thank you.

    Hey Di!
    Yup, I’m a strollin’ and yes dearie, you and your Maggie are always welcome to join. When you come to the States, I will show you my many walking places. Right after we get that chili dog. 🙂


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