Oh Mother – Theme Friday

Oh Mother…

you gave me birth

but I often wondered why

I never pleased you

I often made you cry

I was too sullen

too fat, too shy

Too quiet, too noisy

too low, too high

Neither the baby

nor first-born

I tread in the middle

Feeling forlorn

Professing maternal love

with tears and supplication

and criticized my actions

with promised damnation

Oh Mother…

I sought your praise

in everyone I met

left feeling needy

from that foolish sucker’s bet

copyright 2010

Christine and her mother….

2 thoughts on “Oh Mother – Theme Friday

  1. Very telling poem. You blow me away with the volumes you communicate with the words coming out of those finger tips.

    Just to make you feel better about being the middle one, first born ain’t too great either. I had to prove that my parents didn’t make a mistake by creating me before they were married. Pressure? OMG can’t tell you how loving that was. Fortunately, mom and me are the best of friends now but, what a long road to get here that was.

    Hey Girl!
    Yeah, long road is right, eh? Mine may still need some traveling.

    Love ya,


  2. It so strange- motherhood. And mothers and daughters… don’t even let me begin.

    So often I worry about how I may negatively impact my daughters, how I already have. Because I can pinpoint situations and words with my own mother that have scarred me. But there are the good things she did.

    It’s a tough task, sorting our own worth from what our parents thought, said or did.

    Annie, you deserve all the love in the world. We can start with mine.

    Hey Chica,
    I’m sure as a mom you do worry about your girls – but I know in my heart you are a great mom and I think your girls know too.

    Aw thanks, sweetie – back atcha.



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