Nashville Flood – Praying for you

As I’m sure many of you know – Tennessee has had some pretty scary days of late. According to this article

It started raining in Nashville April 30, and within 48 hours, the city received nearly 14 inches of rain – twice the previous rainfall record and the same amount Nashville typically receives during the entire month of May. Mayor Karl Dean said the cost of the damage is expected to top $1 billion in Nashville alone.

My heart goes out to all those in Nashville dealing with this tragedy. And a special shout out to my blogging bud Grit, who may be getting a too up close and personal view of this situation. Hope you’re okay, my friend.

I too, have experienced the devastation of torrential rains and it ain’t pretty folks. For anyone able and wishing to help, three organizations are collecting online donations and asking Americans to contribute to the response effort:

American Red Cross, Nashville chapter

Hands on Nashville

Second Harvest

Praying for you Nashville.


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