What Color Are You? – Theme Friday

writer chick talks

No, it’s not a trick question. And I don’t mean your ethnic background or the dark or light of your skin. That’s just packaging. Albeit some of us use the shade of packaging…

To make a point

To justify behavior

As a reason to say yes or no

As motivation for love or hate

To feel a part of something or apart from something…

but I’m not talking about that.

Like the pretty package under the Christmas tree, it’s not the number of bows adorning the outside that’s important – it’s what the package contains.

So…I ask again. What color are you?

Green for the soothe of rustling trees

Blue for the cool of the ocean or expanse of the sky

Yellow for the warmth and energy of the sun

The crimson of passion’s depth

Gold like the truest of hearts

Pink at the height of health

Orange all tangy and citrus-y?

Or perhaps you are a rainbow of early morning hues, leaving watercolor footprints in your passing.

Or a kaleidascope stretching lazily across the evening sky following the promise of moonlight.

Or a riot of wildflowers roaming the open fields.

And I ask you once more – what color are you? The true-you that needs no name or address, no politics or boundaries and travels further than the imagination can dance?

copyright 2010

What color is Christine?

3 thoughts on “What Color Are You? – Theme Friday

  1. I’ve been away too long. Your line “further than your imagination can dance” is simply delightful, and makes me wish I could answer your question. “Riot of wildflowers” makes me speechless. 🙂

    Hey Clancy Jane!
    So nice to see you here. Yeah, doesn’t a riot of wildflowers sound like fun? I wonder what they would all be talking about. 😉 Great to see you and rumor has it, we’ll be seeing more of each other soon. 😉


  2. Oh Annieo,

    You are so beautiful. Your words colour my life.
    Love in colour and you
    Di x

    Hey Delightful Di,
    You always make me smile. Thank you for that. And your friendship.



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