Tires-Theme Friday

He tires easily these days.

But sleep is a tangle of the past and waking moments a fog of routine.

Mornings in the park with the pigeons

Afternoons playing pinocle at the senior center

Evenings inundated by nightly news and game shows

Nights….waking and listening for her footsteps.

Lost he is without her.

“You weren’t supposed to leave me,” he mumbles from his heart.

“Til death do us part,” her spirit whispers. Or was it just a breeze?

And the band plays on.

copyright 2010

Christine’s tires roll

And Clancy Jane’s tires go round and round

6 thoughts on “Tires-Theme Friday

  1. I know this man you’ve fleshed out for us.
    He can rest assured that those ARE her footsteps.
    She’s still with him, but differently now.

    Hey Clancy Jane,
    Yes, I think you’re right. 🙂 See what I mean about these prompts though? You just never know what is going to rise to the surface.



  2. I like that you used tires as a verb rather than a noun.

    When I was an activities director, there was a man who cried every morning for his wife until he forgot what he was crying about and asked to go to his room. Your piece made me think of him.

    It seems that even when the person we love is gone, they are never gone. And I think that comforts and tires the soul.

    Good job, Annie.

    Hey Chica,
    Yes, I’ve had similar experiences. When I was a waitress I often encountered people who would tell me their life stories – often seniors and it was touching and heartbreaking at once. Stuff like that stays with you.

    And yes, love doesn’t end with time, does it?



  3. Hi Annie. Love this.

    I breezed a giggled at your last line. Yup and the band plays on. I don´t think it was meant to make me laugh but it did.

    Love Di xx

    Hey Di,
    Hope you’re having fun in your adventures…

    Sure, why shouldn’t the line make you laugh. Sometimes things are just true and they make us laugh for just that reason. And the band plays on… 😉


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