No Helen, you need to go back to where you came from

That’s right you fat-ass, racist, bigot, anti-semite, pretending-to-be-a-journalist waste of space. Crawl right back under that slimey, oily rock you came from. Even the lefties think you went too far this time – and that’s gotta be bad…for you. All I can say is it is about time you got kicked out of your special reserved seat in the White House press room. You and your ‘illustrious career’ can crawl back in your nasty cave of hate. Though if there were any justice in the world, you would have been thrown under the bus long ago and not had the forum to utter your latest (and hopefully last) gob of vitriole. A pox upon you, madam, a pox upon you!


5 thoughts on “No Helen, you need to go back to where you came from

  1. Dang it Annie don’t mince words. How do you really feel? I for one hate to see Helen go. She helps me check to insure my gag reflex is operational.

    Hey Squawky!
    Yeah, I really have to be more direct in my words, eh? This gas-bag, waste of space has pissed me off for years. Finally justice has been served. Hopefully, she’ll crawl back into her hole and we won’t hear from her ever again. Here’s hoping…. 😀



  2. Hi Annie!

    In my humble opinion, you’re too kind to the new Washington pariah! Her legacy is shattered, and I say “well deserved”–she’s certainly earned her tainted place in history!

    – JOS

    Hey JOS!
    How the heck are you my friend? Yes and none too soon. Hopefully the old gasbag will go back where she belongs – hell! The vile old witch. 😉


  3. Hey Annie Darling,

    I don’t know who she is but she doesn’t look very nice ~ I like it a bit when you kick off ~ Hehe ! But its not funny is it. Keep up the good words Annieo.
    Love Di x
    Thinking about you. xx

    Hey Di,
    I was just thinking about you yesterday…

    Helen Thomas is a long time white house press reporter who recently made some vile remarks about the jews. I have long wondered how she has gotten away with her biggoted, vile views and been treated with such respect. Her recent comments apparently, finally was the straw that broke the camel’s back – meaning, she went to far even for the ultra liberals to continue to support her.

    I don’t know if it’s funny – but humor is a personal thing – so sure have a laugh if you like. No worries.



  4. What I like about your kicking off is: Your ability to address your passion and distaste in a really ‘take no shit’ way, you obviously feel very strongly and are so very knowledgeable about your given kick offs ( American Stuff ) and I love the fact that you can argue any case that comes your way.

    Yes humour is a personal thing and I think what I find funny is the fact that I just sooo couldn’t express myself so eloquently as I read you do. My kick offs are a bit different to yours, I can’t manage to detach my emotions and I don’t get to a point, well it may take a whole essay but you just do it, and do it so well,you get right to the point. So I guess I like it when I’m reading you getting to your points.

    I know its not funny what you post though and I thank god we have writers like you that take no shit and get to the point. I thank God for friends like you too.

    Love Di x

    Hey Di,
    You flatter me. I’m not sure I can argue any case that comes my way. But sure, I’m willing to debate. Yeah, that old straight to the point approach is profoundly American and was very prevalent in my household. I actually prefer the straight from the hip approach – even if it hurts – at least you know where people stand. So ol’ Annie says it like she sees it I guess, eh? 🙂

    I thank God for friends like you too, sweetie.



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