And the RINO train is still running in California

I wish just once I could vote for a candidate rather than voting against a candidate. The California Republican Party in its infinite wisdom has opted once again to run RINOs rather than real conservatives in the upcoming November elections. Apparently, still not learning valuable lessons from having put the Governator into office.

Make no mistake their Democrat alternatives are much worse and even the local garbage man would do a better job than Barbara Boxer and Gerry Brown can offer. I’d just really like it if I didn’t have to hold my nose while pulling the lever. I warned people about Arnold and I was right. The same warning goes out about Whitman. She is essentially Arnold in a skirt. Bummer. I guess when she gets voted in we will have to work very hard to keep her feet to the fire. At least she isn’t married to a Kennedy – I suppose that is some solace, though very little in my opinion.

The good news I suppose is that both Boxer and Brown have very public records on what they have done ‘for’ California – that alone should guarantee the public sends them packing. In fact, I’m not sure either of them have ever held a job outside of politics.

I did have to laugh at the article though – making several references to the wealth of each of these women. Had they been men, I’m not sure it would have been mentioned. And naturally, the writer failed to mention the wealth of the Dem candidates – apparently, if you are a Dem wealth, mansions, private jets, and a private security team is just a given and deserved. Since the public has foot the bill for such things maybe it is (in their world). The concept that someone may have actually worked to generate their own wealth without robbing the public appears to still be somewhat novel.

Hey Tea Party, if you’re out there, California needs help and I mean, seriously H E L P!!!

Maybe Jan Brewer can hold some seminars for Republican wannabe’s – it’s a thought.


6 thoughts on “And the RINO train is still running in California

  1. I think two things were at work here….. 1. MONEY 2. The backlash against against the Republican Party as a whole. There is a growing “throw em all out” attitude in the country right now, especially in the Republican Party. I do not know much about the other candidates but it is my understanding they have been around for a while.

    The anger against the Republican Party is palpable and it is growing still. The growth of the Tea Party movement tells me that party politics is not going to get many Republicans elected and could possibly do more harm than good, IE returning the Dems back to the seats in the house and Senate. The “R”s think that the Tea Party is lashing out at Obama and the Dems. I got some sad news for them, it ain’t just the Dems.

    What is sadder yet is the leaders of the Republican Party have not woken up to this fact. The facts of what the “R”s have done and not done have been laid bare and folks ain’t forgetting the record.

    Hey Squawky,
    Yeah, certainly money always plays a part – although for these two candidates I don’t see how backlash plays a part. Both these chicks were backed by the establishment GOP in CA. This was by no means voter backlash it was voters being convinced that rather voting for real conservatives, voting for candidates ‘who can win’ was the ticket. There are even articles for example where GOPers talk about how great Devore was/is but feeling that they should back Fioriana because they believe she could win against Boxer. Republicans (RINOs) always believe that working toward the center is what can get them elected and it never works – they just become allies of Dems in congress and what is the point of that. Example: John McCain. That Palin came out for Fiorina just about knocked the wind out of me. What the hell was she thinking?

    As for Whitman, she just pulled a Bill Clinton by co-opting Poizner’s platform on the crucial issues. She won’t keep her promise, just like Arnold didn’t. She’ll cave when the state legislature insists taxes be raised. We’ll be paying the highest personal income tax in the country, and have our almost 10% sales tax jacked up again to God knows what. A Republican who says it’s not time to cut taxes in California, when we are at a 12% unemployment rate and getting worse (and who by the way campaigned for Barbara Boxer on her last campaign) is one I simply do not trust.

    Conservatives may win election by acting like Dems but the electorate doesn’t win.

    As to the throw them all out attitude – yeah I can see that to some degree although, I don’t think it’s as prevalent as people would have you believe. Again, remember Ross Perot – he was more responsible for putting Bill Clinton in office than anyone else. He split the conversative vote and then handed Clinton a platform (which of course he never delivered on).

    I’m not sure I agree with you about the Tea Party though. For one thing there are many groups and chapters under that large umbrella of Tea Party and within thoses groups, there are those who want to split and splinter off. Though by and large, I believe the intent of most Tea Party groups is to create a rebirth of the conservative movement. In fact, I got an email from my local chapter saying as much the other day.

    I guess we’ll see. But even if everything you say is absolutely true – I still think the Dems are in much worse shape than the pubbies.



  2. Hmmm interesting points all Annie. Thanks for enlightening me on who was backing Carly and Meg. It was my understanding that the “R” party hierarchy was endorsed the likes of Poizner.

    I share your frustration of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. It is going to take more time to educate people. Sadly there are still a massive bunch of people out there that do not pay attention till the general election and I wonder if even then. That is another reason you got Carly/Meg btw.

    The Tea Party is gaining strength but it has yet to reach over powering strength and influence. That is going to take time. There are places were the Tea Party has gained influence (see Rand Paul’s win) but not everywhere. Don’t forget you live on the left coast. 😉

    Hang in there, what we need is a leader, a spokesman and then look out.

    Hey Squawky,
    Interesting you thought that Poizner was the establishment candidate – perhaps that was the problem with some of the voters. No, Whitman has been campaigning for almost two years – and she was the standard bearer for the CA GOP. It’s true she has never held office before but that was true of Arnold too. In fact, a few years back there was a huge push from the CA GOP to wave the natural born citizen clause for presidential eligibility because they had stars in their eyes for Arnold and wanted to run him for president. Now that they’ve seen him perform they are clearly re-thinking that one.

    And I don’t believe that Fiorina has held office either – but again the backing came from the attitude of “we think she can win” rather than who was the best and most conservative candidate. Although I do think Palin’s endorsement of her made the biggest difference (still can’t figure that one out). However, if you do the six separation game you’ll see that in both cases with these two ladies the road leads to McCain. Whitman apparently worked for McCain and Fiorina is buds with Palin who was McCain’s VP choice. I suppose that centrist, let’s just all get along and co-opt some dem issues and sound real moderate attitude must be rubbing off. I dunno.

    I think part of the problem in CA is that we have been beaten into submission so much for so long and made to believe that conservatives can’t win here. Yet the best conservative in the history of American politics was our governor for years here – Ronald Reagan.

    The good news I suppose is that I think Boxer will be voted out and that I can celebrate. And Whitman probably has a good chance against the former governor Moonbeam. Although he is challenging her to 10 town hall meetings and she is not good in that setting so the GOP could once again have egg on its face. If Poizner had gotten the nod he’d be having the town hall meetings right now and televised if possible. It’s a shame I think he really could have made some good and important changes.

    You’re right people don’t get it and there is a lot more work to be done. And I have to say I wish that damn Perotism of ‘he/she has successfully run a business and knows how to get results, unlike political insiders’ would die in people’s minds. Perot proved that not only could he not run the country as a business, he couldn’t take the stress of a campaign. While I celebrate anyone who can and does succeed – it does not mean they will succeed in public office. A state and a country is not a business – businesses do not have constitutions and legislatures and courts – the infrastructure is not the same. And thinking because you have a business that you can run a state with the third highest economy in the country is naive at best and downright dangerous at worst.

    We don’t need any more celebrities or rock stars in office. We need earnest individuals who truly want to help their fellow citizens and bring about effective change that reinforces our constitutions and rule of law.



  3. Actually, it’s just an old business principle at work — cut out the middle man. Instead of big business buying Republican candidates to rig the system for them, like Reagan and his pals did for the last 30 years, it just runs its own candidates. Genius.

    Okay….was there a sentence left out here or something? Not quite following what you mean.

    Or are you just one of those conspiracy theory dudes?

    Personally, if anybody could get another Regan on the ticket I’d be eternally grateful to them. Actually, just in case you didn’t know it, Regan was the last president to truly win in a landslide (which by the by took both Democrat and Republican votes to acheive). And he did it without every revealing his preference in underwear, or by giving away free iPods, concert tickets and similar swag, nor had any compromising relationships with White House interns.

    And all that aside you missed my point. Which was…..that the voters missed the boat. There were real conservatives running and they opted into the mentality that has been responsible for ruining the Republican party for years. The ‘let’s run who can win’ mentality. In my opinion, it’s an infectious disease for which we are still trying to find the vacine.

    And one more thing because I just can’t resist this – in terms of big business cronie-ism oh come on. Now you must know that that big business has put dems in office for years. Think Starbux, Ben and Gerry’s, BP Oil, Citibank, the Teacher’s Union, UAW, MoveOn, ACORN, Goldman Sachs and so on. The two current Dem senators of California as well as the Speaker of the House Pelosi are millionaires and have very strong ties to big business. This bullshit idea that the Dems work in behalf of the little people and common man if it was ever true died many decades ago. The only thing the dems want to do for us ‘little people’ is to keep us small and under control through their various programs that by the way, don’t work.

    Anyway, thanks for joining in on the discussion.



  4. The real problem is that both sides are on the same team. When this becomes common mainstream knowledge, the American people will realize the true magnanimity of the power they, as individuals, possess. For some insight into the Left/Right paradigm, check out Cassandra Anderson’s website at

    If you want to read about the folks who designed it, their motivations and expectations read Carroll Quigley’s book “Tragedy & Hope” — it’s definitely a grad school caliber read, but if you stick with it you will understand why things are the way they appear to be today. Everything occurs for a specific reason.

    Hey Ric,
    You know I do and I don’t agree with this. It’s clear to me that in both parties, there are factions who seek to own them and follow their specific agenda and most of them are pretty dastardly. However, I also believe that there are individuals truly concerned about the country and their fellow citizens who do work in their behalf. Unfortunately, I feel pretty certain that the Democrat party is pretty much DOA but I still hold out hope for the Republican party –

    Regardless of that – the truth is, we have allowed things to get this out of control by not remaining vigilant about what our government is doing and not even knowing about it until long after the fact. Though, God bless the internet because it has been a tool for many more citizens to become aware of the political landscape and to take action as never before. God willing, it will be our salvation.


    PS: got your email, will reply soon.


    1. Agreed the Dems are DOA, and we could go much deeper than that. Bulls eye on the vigilance and the internet — which is why all of us must mobilize on the “kill switch” bill heading to the Senate as we speak. People like us can turn this country around if we remember our basic Sun Tzu and acknowledge that God really is on our side.

      As far as politicians in the Republican party are concerned, I only have faith in the Pauls (especially after witnessing Medina tap dance here in TX). I am encouraged by the fact that incumbents around the country are getting waxed. Keep the faith.

      Well I guess you and I will have to respectfully agree to disagree on the “Pauls” – sorry not much of a fan of Ron, jury is still out on Rand. As to incumbents getting waxed – it’s a double-edged sword. I think the solution is forcing conservatives to stick to the core and first principles – they do seem at least able to change (in many cases). A little worried we might throw the baby out with the bath water in our zeal to get ‘change’ – remember that’s what we are continually promised and the change is rarely the type we desire.

      Unfortunately, like life, there are truly few stars (so to speak) who actually affect positive change. This country was begun by an entire bevy of them and the chance of that kind of confluence occurring again strikes me as highly unlikely. I do see Chris Christie and Jan Brewer as possibilities in the not too distant future though.

      Again, as the governed it is we who are responsible for choosing our leaders and when we get tyranny we have no one to blame but ourselves. We allow ourselves to be distracted and misled by flowery speeches filled with symbolism because we are too lazy to really investigate the facts and the issues. And some of us prefer to be validated in our feelings of bitterness and raw deals than to consider the best choices for all.

      You get the society and leaders you ask for – and if you are looking for a free ride then I guess you deserve what you get. And I have to believe that many people would rather approach things from a ‘what’s in it for me’ view and allow themselves to be manipulated through class warfare, compartment group identity and entitlement than to actually be accountable for their action or lack thereof. Sad, but I’m afraid all too true.



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