Sold Down the River

I’ve had it. So if you don’t want to read a rant, move on because I’m about to blow. Today, our current president was quoted as saying he didn’t think any nation should have ‘undue advantage’ over other nations. Yet again, our leader in chief works hard to belittle, demean and lessen America and Americans. This man who bows to foreigners and apologizes to illegal interlopers demanding rights to which they are not owed – doesn’t ever miss an opportunity to demoralize the country he is supposed be leading and representing. He listens to everyone but his own citizens and the people he purportedly represents.

And promotes the enemy line about America and Americans whenever and wherever possible. And I am sick to death of it. This attitude of our president and anyone else for that matter that America is somehow cheating others because they have so much makes me want to scream. Well I’ve got news, the reason Americans have so much is because they have worked their asses off to get it. Through enterprising and innovative business solutions, growing a better apple, building better mousetrap, and using our own rugged individualism to bring about prosperity. Our resources and our wealth or possessions, health or education system did not fall from the sky. It was created through ingenuity, blood, sweat and tears. And many, hundreds of thousands of Americans have been sacrificed their very lives to protect it and protect the rights of Americans to continue to pursue such activities.

That other nations feel entitled to criticize the United States and the American people for what they have only shows that such individuals are petty and jealous and likely lazy. Rather than being creators of a free nation of their own that guarantees personal freedoms and the right to pursue happiness they prefer to be children of their governments sniveling over every need and whining to be taken care of – meanwhile griping about America and Americans. Well screw you guys.

There isn’t one nation in the world that America has not helped, either by defending their borders, their citizens, bringing technology, catastrophe aid, medical research, medical aid, food, agricultural assistance and so forth. Every nation on this planet has America to thank for much of what they have.

And Americans, despite the shoddy treatment they receive and the endless criticism on the world stage never hesitate to help anyone in need or in trouble. There is no nation on earth who gives more foreign aid, or is more chartible than America.

And am I tired of being sold down the river at every opportunity by this presdient and his administration. His utter agreement with animosity expressed about his own country is startling and unacceptable. He was not elected to minimize the strength or sovergnty of the United States but rather swore a Constitutional oath to uphold and protect it. And it’s time he started. Wake up people, the country that you know and love is soon slipping down the river along with your personal freedoms and your American identity. Yes, that’s right folks, there is an American identity – and many of us are very proud of it. Those who aren’t, I feel sorry for.

It’s time for our president to stop blaming others for what he created. For the debt he has heaped upon your children and grandchildren. For shutting an entire industry down because his administration failed to predict and correct an issue that now gushes in the Gulf. For making false promises about jobs, and change and turning around the economy. For demeaning his own citizens for insisting he honor his pledge to the Constitution.

And please if you are from a foreign country don’t even think about making a comment that is critical of my country. You do not have the right and you have no free speech rights here. And that aside, I do not give a damn about your criticism of my country, if I did, I would read your socialist newspapers. Do me a favor and go burn your own flag for once.

Oh and if you need help – hopefully this administration will take longer to respond to your pleas than it did to the pleas of its own people on the Gulf Coast.


One thought on “Sold Down the River

  1. Bravo Annie! Lord, child, I do believe with a two-week training course I could take you into the bush and feel confidant you would have my back! I’m from the south side of Chicago, and have witnessed the boss situation going all the way back to Hizzoner, the original Richard J.
    You have absolutely no idea just how sleazy Barry Soetoro was, is, and always will be. But for those of you who want to find out, Wayne Madsen is breaking the story as we speak! And when he comes out with all the documented evidence, even the folks on the sidelines will get mad. So you go girl, because anger is what this country needs. You be a leader and bring folks off the bench, and stay angry, and if anyone gets in your way you bite their fucking head off!

    Hey Ric,
    That last line made me laugh out loud. A two week training course that turn me into a warrior – now that is something I would like to see. 🙂 Thanks for the heads up in Madsen, I will check him out. Stay angry – guess there is no choice there. Unless these shananigens stop, what else can one do? Thanks for your comments.



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