Why do Twitter and Facebook hate me?

Puleeze can someone tell me? Am I the only one who can rarely if ever get onto FB or Twitter –  much less do something once I get there? It’s a wonder to me. Apparently social networking is the thing of the 21st Century. I mean for cripes sakes where would we be without it?  Probably like me – continuously frustrated and probably somewhat inept at all the many apps.

I have lots of friends and family just wild about this stuff. Downloading tweetdecks and twitter apps for their blogs and all sorts of stuff. Me? Like I said just waiting for the endless loop of trying to download the page.

I even get notifications from both sites – saying I’m being followed by so and so or so and so wants me to join a cause or see their new pics. Hey, I’d love to follow you back or at least find out who the heck you are and why you are so bored you would follow me but… And I guess I wouldn’t mind tweeting from time to time but…

Forget about the FB apps. Farmville, MafiaWars, Family chains, circle of friends, virtual roses, pizzas, children, awards, automobiles, produce, etc..

Frankly folks, for the most part it’s all beyond me. The fact that I can barely get onto either site is a drawback I’ll admit but really how do so many people have so much time on their hands? Maybe they have secret plugins that allow them to actually get something done on either of these apps but I just can’t seem to spare an hour to simply find out who is following me and why much less tweet about something.  And growing virtual produce seems rather silly to me – why not just play a video game?

I definitely like the concept of staying in touch and having an easy platform to do so…but I guess that’s my point. Neither facebook or twitter make it easy – at least for me.  Mostly they just make me curse under my breath. I suppose I should just pull the plug on both of these sites – I mean I’m not really contributing anything to speak of and the whole virtual aspect makes me a little dizzy – but then I think to myself, at least somewhere somehow, long lost friends or family can find me. Still, it’s hard to network on sites that hate you. That taunt you and just won’t let you play.

Anybody else out there have this problem or should I start taking it personally?


8 thoughts on “Why do Twitter and Facebook hate me?

  1. Naw, if you start taking it personally then I’ll have to as well. I have learned how to press the ignore button for all the things I don’t want to hear all about (who cares what color bra you’re wearing?) but I haven’t learned where the ‘don’t bug me with your mindless yapping’ button is.
    Oh well, I may learn it all. Then again, maybe Facebook shuts down in fear every time I log on.

    LOL, okay then, that makes two of us. Watch out we’ll be forming a political action committee on Facebook and Twitter legislation soon. 😆 I have learned about the ignore button but part of me thinks they should offer an ‘ignore but I still love you and don’t take this personally’ button. And seriously, you’d be amazed at how many people do want to know what color bra you are wearing – some people just roll that way.

    Naw, I think FB shuts down in fear whenever I log on. hehe


  2. Hi writer chick….I am with you…I am hooked up to all of it and finally learned that my blog and twitter can be hooked up together so my blog heading also becomes my tweet of the day…and yes…facebook…ahhhh.

    Twitter I almost never check out cause I have no idea really how it all works and there are only a handful of people who want to follow me…facebook…I check every once in a while mostly because my daughter lives far away and I like checking her photos. But for me….doing a blog is maxing me out!!! I don’t have time for much more…or do I want to .

    Woo hoo, we are up to three clueless social networking chicks. Misery does love company and so do I.

    Yeah, I’ve got that blog tie in on both twitter and facebook and they are typically my only contribution to the social network vibe. And I hear you on the maxing out thing – I am a self-employed writer, plus I have two blogs and try to have a life – fitting in this stuff is tough. I wonder…will anyone come up with a social networking site for the socially network impaired? Maybe they could offer virtual volley ball and pinocle and have virtual cabanna boys who can do all the heavy lifting? Sound like a plan?



  3. This stuff can be really tricky sometimes and I don’t think there’s any reason you should worry about it. It’s just nonsense. besides, if it doesn’t work for you, you probably should find something else to busy yourself and then it will be them who will follow your suit.

    Hi Dana,
    Oh, I guess I’m not really worried about it. I guess mostly I just marvel at the people who zip through all this social networking stuff and seem to be everywhere at once. For me, not so much. Thanks for reading.

    Writer Chick


  4. Personally, I don’t think you’re missing out on a thing. I managed to get onto Facebook because in order to see the one or two pages I wanted to see, I had to sign up first. But I found the interface for setting up one’s own page totally confusing, the pages horribly “busy” and disorganized, etc. Then there was the big privacy flap and I bailed — which wasn’t easy (see my blog post on the subject).

    As for Twitter, it seems to be a big deal if you use a cell phone a lot, which I’m just last century enough not to. I do have a Twitter account via their online website, but rarely use it.

    Personally, I think the social networking stuff is dumb. I guess that makes four (?) of us.

    Hey Girl,
    Oh boy, you FB experience sounds like mine. I think I spent hours trying to set up my page – what a pain. Yeah the privacy bugged me too so I removed everything but my name I think.

    I’m with you on the cell phone usage – cripes it’s just a phone, right?

    LOL, yup now it’s four of us. hehe


  5. Hi Annieo.

    Me, I’m a very active face book member. Its a social networking site and I use if for that given reason. I LOVE facebook. I really do and I have to say with some friends its actually strengthen our connection. I love looking at other peoples pictures and with me being a festival girl we always get information about new festivals and nights in fields. It works for me but I have to say, me and a few friends get a lot of stick for our activeness. Face book sometimes is my new blog – smiling.

    I ignore all applications, don’t allow children on my face book account and only accept people that I know. It works for me.

    Can’t beat a good old email, a informative post on a blog or a lovely chat on skype though.
    Wish you could get facebook up and running. Don’t do twitter and at the moment am using my old pc as my lap top charger connection has broken again. I’ve no sound and no graphic card. Its like having a weary friend who doesn’t talk. I can’t even listen to songs and if anything will drive me crazy that will. I love having songs at the tip of my tap.

    Yes, I hold my hand up in fact both hands up. I’m a well and truly a face book liker.
    Love in faces and books and friends
    Di x

    It’s true, Di, you really are the FB girl. And I admire your abilities in that area. Maybe FB was just made for you, eh? Could be. But man are you right about those apps – stay away unless you want to waste the day doing nothing.

    Sorry about your computer troubles dearie, I know that can be a bitch. No worries, it will sort out sooner or later. I’m still around.



  6. Fortunately, I have TweetDeck more or less beaten into submission; it enables me to follow almost 300 people on Twitter and keep track of several dozen Facebook friends without requiring me to hang on the Web 24/7. (In practice, I can check it once an hour for a couple of minutes. Then again, I read pretty fast for an old guy.)

    Hey Chaz,
    You know, I tried tweetdeck but it confused me even more. Wow, 300? I can’t even imagine. Perhaps you could do seminars for us twitter and FB impaired. 😉


  7. This is like saying that once I get the hang of rewinding the string trimmer, I can give gardening lessons. 🙂

    Hmmm…I think it’s not quite like that but otay. 😉


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