Sunset – Theme Friday

People think that L.A. is
all smog and movie stars
chatter and multiple piercings
freeways and condos
tinsel and glitter

But they don’t know about
night blooming jasmine
orange, lemon and grapefruit trees
endless green hills
canyons in camouflage
cool ocean breezes

They don’t know that
we wait for the sunsets
The certain bruising and inflaming of
the evening sky
and its wheel of never-ending colors

Until night’s curtain
pushes aside the day for
frogs, possums
and coyotes
the background music
that emerges us in restful

copyright 2010

christine’s sun sets  here

clancy is watching the sun here

6 thoughts on “Sunset – Theme Friday

  1. This is an LA I’d like to know. I feel as though I do now. Thank you, Annie. So much clarity in your juxtapositions.

    Hey Clancy,
    I think you would like to know L.A. – like any big city it has its noise and dirt but also its beauty and quiet…magic…


  2. I miss SoCal so very much- I cannot even tell you!

    I can feel your love of the city. There are those sounds in this piece. It makes me long for that air.

    California sunsets are the best, yes?

    Great work, Chica. Descriptive. Emotive.

    Hey Chica,
    I thought of you as I wrote this. I wondered if these thoughts of L.A. were the same for you. I knew you’d know what I meant – yeah…that air…heady, lovely….never enough of it.



  3. How beautifully you described everything. I’m sure that now quite a lot of people will perceive Los Angeles differently.

    Hi Dana and welcome –
    I hope you’re right. I think that L.A. gets a bad rap a lot of the time. It’s really actually quite a beautiful city – in fact, Southern California is gorgeous. Anyway, I think so. Thanks for your comments.



  4. Cities seem to acquire personas — created by national news, TV shows, advertising, etc. or brief personal experiences — that may or may not be accurate. My only exposure to S. Cal. was half a century ago, when I came away with the idea that San Diego and the coast north of it is beautiful, but LA is hopelessly congested and has smog so bad I was almost blind by the end of the one day I spent there. I left wondering how anyone could live there. Yet logically I know there must be places there like you describe. You should work for the Chamber of Commerce.

    Hey Girl,
    Yes, I guess cities, like people develop personas due to all the factors you mentioned and more. Hmm…well, I can’t speak to the state of the city a half a century ago (really? a half century ago?) but I can speak to it now. The funny thing too about ‘L.A.’ is that there is the city of L.A. and then there is the group of cities that people think of as ‘L.A.’ It’s true that in the summer some areas do have the smog but in the last twenty years, smog has not been the problem it was – I suppose you can credit cadalydic converters, smog certing and various other efforts that have changed that. The congestion is mostly on the freeways and downtown and Hollywood – but you’d have to be a fool to live there. Although the Hollywood Hills are lovely. I’ll tell you what, if you ever come out this way I’ll give you the tour of the places that paint the picture of L.A. for me, how about that?

    Work for the Chamber of Commerce? Yikes, I don’t think so. 🙂



    1. Yep, seriously, half a century. (Shocking to me too, but not a lot I can do about it.) I was in high school, sent to San Diego to visit an uncle and tour a couple of prospective colleges in the LA area. The smog was so bad, I knew I could never go to school there. I’d love to see it today, though, through your eyes, and if I’m ever headed out that way, I’ll definitely give you a shout. 🙂

      That would be a hoot and a half – I think I could change your mind about L.A. 😉


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