People – Theme Friday

People without words
don’t hesitate to speak
Sounding vanilla –
sweet and unoffensive (but not satisfying and reminiscent of a spinster aunt)

Always doing the right thing
conveniently written out in the
right magazines and periodicals
(Good grades and good genes put them at the front of the class)
And believing their professors –
never once questioning a
or exclamation mark

They drink up the kindness
of others (so very thirsty)
but are last
to pass it on…
And when they do, the act
lacks a fundamental ingredient (like potato salad without onions)

Perfect smiles made of
straight white teeth
And nails buffed into proper manicure
But (their) children make them
and raise them fearful of consequence (please play nice, Johnny!)

People without words
say a lot of nothing (the kind of nothing that sounds so good unless you listen)
knowing deep-down they
nothing to say.

copyright 2010

Where are Christine’s people?

Clancy’s people abound…

2 thoughts on “People – Theme Friday

  1. These people make me SO mad. 🙂
    “the act lacks a fundamental ingredient” RESOUNDS.

    Hey Clancy…yes, I guess we’ve all encountered them, eh?



  2. I love the lines about their physical perfection (or your hinting that the perfection is an illusion) but their children make them anxious. The way it reads is dark in a rich, fundamental way. And out loud- like a slap.

    I’ve written many pieces (may they rest in peace) regarding that illusion. God! What a treasure trove for writers! I like how you’ve peeled away the mask.

    You done good, Chica. Very good.

    Hey Chica,
    It’s the old appearance over substance thing, I guess. Whenever I see I always wonder how anyone lives a life that way – but I think a lot of people do.



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