Symbol – Theme Friday

There are no magic signs
or Autumn season
of the mystery of the cross of Christ 
And the queen of the heavens
offers no place for sleeping angels

A human being can
change or transform her life
and with courage and daring
choose between good and evil
Keep inside
jealousy and sorrow
and know the danger signs
that lead to
a life of
sky obscured
that makes a mirage of the soul
that is not safe for strangers
(Do not take this road
bad tempered people live here
We have already been (t)here

Wearing the bright prospect of
faith, hope and love
can be the genesis of
Heaven and happiness
Where creativity and
good fortune
is divine power and
the elixir of life
Here, there are friends
and calm
for ordinary angels

Copyright 2010

Christine is being symbolic

What symbolism strikes Clancy?

3 thoughts on “Symbol – Theme Friday

  1. I really like how you put this together with the symbols. Especially the X of not taking the road where bad tempered people live. Where there are friends and calm for ordinary angels, is a place I’d very much like to be.

    Hey Clancy,
    It was a bit of a weird experiment. I wanted to see if I could tell some sort of story with symbols, literally. Not sure it worked out all that great though… But like you I do like the ‘where there are friends and calm for ordinary angels’ too. Thanks for reading.

    Annie 🙂


  2. I like this. In my reply to your comment on my post, I said communication through text symbols felt inorganic- but here, it seems that the connection is primitive. Perhaps it has to do with the symbols chosen? These symbols are old and therefore, I don’t know, the root?

    And roots are organic, right?

    But I have a hard time connecting these symbols to BRB or TTYL.

    I think the piece is cool. And you did it so quickly! I’d say the experiment was a success.

    Hey Chica,
    The texting is lost on me. I understand how it evolved – a short way to communicate – I suppose to save fingers from carpal tunnel – and though I know adults do it, I still see it as a youthful attempt at communication, where buzz words and slang dominate because they are still working on fully evolve their grasp on language. And like you I feel it takes the soul out of things.

    I liked hooking the symbols to their meaning – and if you look at the visual representations to the words they translate into I can see it. A little glyph I guess. Still don’t know if the experiment was a success but it was nice to try to think outside the box.

    Annie 🙂


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