Once Upon a Time – Theme Friday

Once upon a time a thousand hurts clung to me.
My cloak of pain stooped low my shoulders and endured the weight of velvet yards

In a dream of deep-filled space I floated

And the moonlight sparkled my hurts in magnificent refraction
Revealing the beauty of jealousy, confusion, fear, and sorrow.

Exquisite the dream that showed me the breadth and depth of each with such clarity.

So I could know the five senses of each and watch them shimmer to dissipation of particulate light. Scattering to the stars to find a home.

One by one I set them free until the cape was no more and iridescent wings fluttered in emergence. And the stars grew nearer and fluttering wings sounded around me…

I knew again my own heartbeat and heard the silence of my own thoughts.


I was free.

Copyright 2010

Christine’s and Clancy’s once upon a time…

6 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time – Theme Friday

  1. The image of hurts sparkling in magnificent refraction– and the phrase itself– is wonderful. As is the sense of freedom in coming back to Self. Nicely done!

    Hey Clancy,
    Well as usual, the piece didn’t turn out as I expected. But I was happy with what did come. Yes, I do think that we can treasure our pain so much that it becomes breathtakingly beautiful to us.



  2. I like the way you gave each feeling with five senses. But I love that the speaker does find freedom.

    Now this is the kind of fairytale I wish for all of us. Know the pain, then release it and be free.

    Beautifully written piece, Annie.

    Hey Chica,
    I guess that’s the goal…know the pain, release it and be free. I wish that for all of us too.



  3. Aww ! Love this piece Annieo,

    Love the,

    I knew again my own heartbeat and heard the silence of my own thoughts.


    I was free.

    Theres a lot to be said about the feelings and senses of freedom isn’t they.
    Keep Feeling and Sensing.
    Love Dix

    Thanks, honey. It came to me in a dream actually – I just did my best to describe it.



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