Detour – Theme Friday

The sign up ahead on the road heading south cautions, detour.

From three scattered lanes our vehicular alter egos squeeze into one obedient column. We crawl up the single mountain lane – second-gearing behind behemoth 18-wheelers, cursing in hydraulic hisses.

Skimming sheer rock-face of crude red design while shunning the100 foot drop into endless canyon just to the left.

Swallowing the adrenaline that churns fear and impatience, we wind with the curves that forecast unknown treachery.

And the vastness of nature reveals our insignificance – humbles our arrogance in the mumble of prayers that implore God’s hands to nudge us toward safety.

The sharp autumn sun becomes slate shadow, forbidding illumination in our progression and artificial light is a ghostly guide.

When the mountain relents and the road opens again, a communal breath at last escapes. And we break apart like dominoes poorly placed. Now strangers in singular journey, on the same road, but heading in different directions.

copyright 2010

Where has the detour led Christine?
What detour has Clancy encountered?

5 thoughts on “Detour – Theme Friday

  1. The dominoes comparison is such a great way to describe that. I see it as it happens. I can imagine that scene in an indy movie– a cut from dominoes jostled on a card table to the cars in the canyon.

    Wow, interesting cinematic thought. I like that. Thanks!


  2. I’ve read this three times, and it gets more wonderful every time. I knew that traffic once upon a time. And you’ve described the feeling of it, physical and emotional, very well.

    I enjoy the imagery of that single-lane road- the mountainside, the fall light (it’s like magic with its gold and sharp shadow) the drop. Slow and careful goings before at last- that burst of gas into space.

    Very good work, Annie.

    Hey Chica,
    Yeah, this was a description of a small part of my journey from Florida back to California. It happened in Texas (of course) where the land is big and detours abound.

    It is funny what images go through your head during one of these experiences, roads and slow traffic become characters in the play in your head. 🙂


  3. I’ve been on mountain roads like this and you took me there again.

    Ooops, sorry about that. 😆 My trip was actually quite scary and it seemed to go on forever.


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