Teeth – Theme Friday

Teeth scare me. Could it be because of the dreams????

The dreams, the dreams that conjured screams
Chasing teeth that gave me grief
Grating, biting, nipping and grinding
All the while looking and finding
My little girl fear of a darkened room
Seeking to consume me amid the gloom
Oh teeth, bad teeth what do you want?
What foul plaque and breath you flaunt
Granny drowned you in a glass
But then you went and kicked her ass

Dental specter you haunt my guilt
And eat away with the plaque you built
You chase and chase and won’t relent
And couldn’t care less about the bucks I spent
To make you kind and smile bright
To give you strength when you need to bite
To keep your gums soft and pink
With copious rinses lined on the sink
You ache and clench you nasty wench
And wake me from a peaceful sleep
Forcing promises I just can’t keep
The floss, the brush, paste and gel
Won’t release me from dental hell

Oh teeth, bad teeth one day you’ll see
That it was wrong to mess with me
I’ll save my money to pull you out
And glue in falsies with dental grout
So just behave and do your job
Or you will face the final lob

Copyright 2010

what has Christine sunk her teeth into?

is Clancy hanging by the skin of her teeth?

6 thoughts on “Teeth – Theme Friday

  1. Hysterical. But so TRUE! 🙂 (too bad I can’t put my yellow buck teeth in that smiley face)

    You can’t imagine what I went through trying to write about teeth. Well…maybe you can. I wish I was better at photo shopping, I had such hopes for that picture. 😆


  2. Oh, Annie, I like this! I’m not one for writing rhyming poetry- I’m horrible at it, actually. But you did well. Nice word choices, none of the rhymes feel forced. And your tale of toothiness flows nicely.

    I often have nightmares about teefs, but they fall out. That is one of my greatest fears- losing teeth, especially in the front! So I brush and floss and fret.

    Hey Chica,
    This one one of many drafts but I opted for what was true for me.

    I have fears of losing teeth too – amazing how a handful of porcelain and such can give people such worries.



  3. Poor Granny! Good work! I read so fast! I felt like I was getting chased, too– and I realized at the end I’d been holding my breath the whole way!

    LOL – so the teef was chasing you too? Yup, they’s evil. 😉


  4. Enjoyed this one, Annie. I feel bad that I hardly ever get over to your blog, and I see that I’m missing out. I will try to rectify this.

    I have dreamed many times of my teeth falling out. I hear it’s a common one.

    Hey Julia,
    Thanks for the read. Don’t feel bad about not getting by – we all have lives. Yeah, that teeth falling out thing is a common fear – though I wonder if it isn’t inspired by evil dentist. 😆


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