Everything – Theme Friday

I don’t want to give up everything for love
And I did…
my books and music
my home and friends

And I don’t want anyone to be my everything
because I lost myself that way
and I’m still missing pieces
I’m different now
and different isn’t always good

And I don’t want a life where everything is on the line
Winning big, always the promise
Losing all, always the outcome

I want my everything to be
Every word
Every smile
Every person
Every friend
to be its own separate, glorious thing
radiating its own energy
sparkling its own ideas and adventures

No more everything that becomes a nothing
no more surrender to have what isn’t mine
no more relinquish to be who I am not
No more gambles on promises that cannot be kept
are never meant
that lets you off on the dark corner of confusion
Fending once again for yourself
whom you’ve lost
because you gave up

Copyright 2010

Is everything copacetic with Christine?

How’s everything with Clancy?

4 thoughts on “Everything – Theme Friday

  1. Oh, Annie, I like how you brought that back around. I like the specifics of your new everything, and how it’s a great fit with Christine’s. I like the imagery of the dark corner of confusion. I like I like I like.

    Hey Clancy,
    Yes, I think all of ours dovetail nicely – almost the same thing but from wildly opposing angles, if that makes sense? You like the dark corner of confusion? I don’t – it’s a scary place. 😉


  2. I like this very much, very much. You said here what I’d wished to say and you said it better.

    Good work.

    Not better – just different…you know? I think we each zeroed in on the same thing but seeing it from different angles – like the way a kaleidascope changes shapes with the same colors…



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