I Make Soup

I think everybody has their way of coping with problems or a case of the blues. Some people meditate, some hit the gym, some drink, some write lists or utter affirmations… Me—I make soup.

There is something relaxing and mind emptying about making soup. When you are chopping vegetables, mixing herbs and spices and roasting meat, you don’t have the room in your head to focus on anything else. I suppose it links back to some ancient synapse that fires up once the ritual begins. For me, the trigger is the smell of sauteed onions, the sweet pungent fragrance puts my mind in nurture mode and I can feel my whole body relax.

Because I know that something good is coming. No matter how much bad there has been that day, week or month. Something warm, tasty and comforting is in my near future. And I can cup that bowl with one hand while spooning up that goodness with the other. Vapor warms my face and the food warms my insides and when things are bad it’s the insides that need that warmth – that needs to send a signal to the brain that at least for the time being you are safe. That at least you won’t go hungry tonight and you won’t be cold.

Tonight I make soup, as things that worry me have nipped at the edges of my mind all day. Big things, little things, in between things. The kind of things that may or may not be better in the morning. But probably they will be. I know at least in my head that I can decide how good or bad things are. I can decide that change is just change and not really bad nor good – it’s just different. Sometimes it’s even exciting. Still, it gives me a chill, down to my bones. It makes me feel like a child, unsure, tenuous, a little afraid.

So, tonight I will eat my soup and let it comfort me. Because tomorrow is as yet unknown.

copyright 2010

Here’s a great recipe for a stick to your ribs soupy goodness.

5 thoughts on “I Make Soup

  1. Annie–Love this post! I love making soup, too. There is just something so…warming about it! Right now it’s been raining and chilly for two days, and I could use a bowl of something yummy, too!
    As the Campbell’s commercials said, “Mmm-mmm, good!”

    Hey Sandy,
    How you doing, sweetie? Last night was a great time to make soup – all rainy and cold. And it turned out so well I had soup for breakfast. LOL. I may have more for lunch. 😉


  2. Heading to the store tomorrow and now I need to add soup stuff to the list. Haven’t made it in years, and this sounds so warm and yummy and comforting. I can almost taste that oniony, tomoto-y hot broth, see the shredded pieces of beef, and colorful veggies and feel that steam on my face. Yummmm! Only me, myself, and I, but soup freezes well.

    LOL – yeah soup. Yummy. And it really does freeze well. I usually make up a huge pot, give some to friends, eat some and freeze the rest. Then whenever a cold, gloomy day comes around, I whip out my soup and heat it up – start a fire and watch a movie. My idea of heaven on a cold winter’s day.



  3. Soup was a family staple. My Mom’s vegetable soup was legendary. I’m lucky in that one of her sister’s carries on the tradition.

    When I have soup, I HAVE it. Every meal until it’s gone. I love soup.

    I miss you guys. 🙂

    Yeah, my family was big on soup too. We loved it and ate it a lot. Mom had a killer recipe for chicken noodle which to this day I can replicate.

    Miss you too.



  4. D’oh! Forgot I was logged in at photogratis! Sorry! Love, clancyjane. 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    Yup, you twicked me for a moment you wiley wabbit. 😉


  5. Hi Annie,
    Long time!!! Just wanted to drop in and check on ya.
    And that that last line, “tonight I will eat my soup and let it comfort me.
    Because tomorrow is as yet unknown.” would make a great poem.

    Hope all is well.

    Hey Kimmy!
    I was just thinking of you. LOL – don’t know about writing a poem about soup, but I guess anything is possible.


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