Conspiracy theories – are they true?

From the beginning of time I imagine there have been conspiracy theories. Countless books, movies and television shows have successfully and quite convincingly shown how any type of conspiracy is not only possible but quite plausible. But have you ever noticed how they are essentially the same? They always involve some shadowy group of rich and powerful people duping the rest of the population, whether locally or globally – apparently we’re just too stupid to see it. The motivation is always power or money or both and it almost always has to do with some significant public event. Whether wars, stock market dives, plane crashes, outbreaks of strange diseases even catastrophic weather phenomenon.

And too the conspiracy is so deep and so hidden that we are helpless to stop it. Because we will never be in control. This shadow government or group in control will always have the power and we are but mere sheep being led to the slaughter.

Maybe that’s my problem with these theories – that if I chose to believe them that I would also have to believe that I have not one whit of control over my life. That no matter what I did or thought or created that it would not change one thing. That my fate is completely in the hands of strangers and my life had truly no meaning whatsoever. So that being the case, what would be the point of living? What would be the point of anything?

Even if all the conspiracy theories in the world were true, what good is there in believing them? Does it enrich anyone’s life? Does it change anything? Does it help anyone in any way? Don’t get me wrong, I most certainly believe there are groups of powerful individuals doing as much as they can to manipulate things in their favor so they can amass more power and material riches. Absolutely. I also believe there are kingmakers, people who stay in the background and use their money and power to place people in positions so they can do their bidding – but that is also known as politics and it’s as old as the planet. A conspiracy of sorts I suppose but a pretty poor excuse for one if you ask me.

Lots of people like to believe in global warming is created by man, that September 11th was an inside job and that we went to Iraq for oil. Okay, you’re free to believe what you like but I’d have to say that you believe such things because some part of you wants to. Some part of you wants to believe that you are not wholly responsible for whatever condition you find yourself in maybe even to blame a bit of your fate on someone else. As the old sentiment goes when you go looking for a boogie man, you often find one. Although it doesn’t necessarily prove that there are boogie men as much as it proves the theory of self fulfilled prophecies.

So while I completely agree that there are many more powerful people in this world than I, who are manipulating as much as they can in their favor, I don’t believe that they control my fate or my actions. I still know that one person can change the world quite literally and conversely huge groups of people can have no effect whatsoever on the world at large. That sometimes things just happen and that we are never in control of everything, nor will we ever have a complete explanation about everything that happens in this world. Some things simply are mysteries, no matter how much we crave answers for them, manufacturing an answer never satisfies.

So the next time you find yourself enthralled with a conspiracy theory you might want to ask yourself this question. If this is the truth, why are there still other theories abounding on the very same thing? Is it just that everyone else is a fool or an idiot, or it is that no one really knows? Or heaven forbid – is it just not true?

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Conspiracy theories – are they true?

  1. It seems to me that no matter what cockamamie story you come up with, if you tell it to 100 people, there will be 20 to 30 who believe every word of it. They probably believe Elvis is still alive, too.

    Note that it won’t be the same 20 to 30 for each and every story.

    Hey Chaz!
    I think you’re absolutely right. A good 20-30% of us are awful gullible. Oh yeah, Elvis is still alive, I just saw him at the 7-11 🙂



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