Which of Santa’s Reindeers Are You?

Which of Santa’s Reindeer are you?

Santas Reindeer


Like Comet you are always happy. Nothing seems to get you down and you can always put a smile on people’s faces

Find out which of Santa’s Reindeer you are at Quizopolis.com

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That’s right, I’m cheerful little Comet. Click the link and check out your reindeer profile. Oh come on, it’s fun!


One thought on “Which of Santa’s Reindeers Are You?

  1. The poll was rigged I tell ya. How in the world it decided I am Cupid is beyond me. When I take the 7 Dwarves test I consistently come up with Grumpy. I think it was that dang cuddle question that nailed me.

    Aw…how cute. See, it spotted the inner romantic in ya. hehe.


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