You Might be a Christmas Addict if…

I don’t know about you but I am in love with Christmas. While others may complain about crowded stores and parking lots, I rise to the challenge. And though some may have a hard time deciding on what to give as gifts, my mind starts racing with a list as early as August. I love everything about it, from Christmas trees to Christmas music. I admit it, I am a Christmas addict and I am not the least bit interested in joining any twelve step program to break the addiction.

How do you know who is a Christmas addict? Well there are several signs that can clue you in that you or a loved one is a Christmas addict which I am willing to share. You might be a Christmas addict if…

1. You think naming your first child Rudolph is an inspired idea.
2. Every year you scope consignment shops, shopping malls and thrift stores for more ornaments.
3. Tears come to your eyes the first time you plug in the Christmas tree.
4. You dream of how you’re going to decorate your house starting in July.
5. You can’t sing White Christmas without getting choked up.
6. You suddenly love everybody.
7. Your idea of a good meal is butter cookies, milk and candy canes.
8. You get your car retrofitted to look like a sleigh.
9. You get your chimney cleaned so Santa won’t get sooty.
10. You wear red every day in December.
11. You have to buy your Christmas tree on Thanksgiving weekend.
12. You’re disappointed if you don’t have lots of people on your Christmas list.
13. You have a Christmas movie marathon starting on Thanksgiving night.
14. You watch every movie you can get your hands on that is about Christmas – even the bad ones.
15. You search the internet for weird Christmas facts, food, videos and games.
16. You think elves are cuter than puppy dogs and kittens.
17. You prefer eggnog over coffee in the morning.
18. You own a Santa hat, reindeer ears and Christmas tree earrings.
19. You bake brownies, cookies and other treats for total strangers.
20. Rocking Around the Christmas Tree makes you want to dance.
21. You say Merry Christmas to everyone, even people who cut you off in traffic.
22. You love dressing up your pets in Christmas outfits.

I could actually go on and on but you get the idea. What about you? What makes you a Christmas addict? Or are you the bah humbug type who delights in messing with Christmas addicts’ minds? As usual, feel free to add to the list.

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One thought on “You Might be a Christmas Addict if…

  1. Hi Annie

    Merry Christmas Darling. I’m not an addict Yay ! well not a Christmas one anyway. I’m finding it hard to think about what to add to the list. Its always been a bit hard for me with being a single parent with the two kids and trying to make ends meet so I could get them presents and shop for christmas type food. Always managed to have a lovely time but this time of year puts me under a bit of pressure. Its getting easier for me now as the kids are older.Love the smell of the pine trees and hey I want to wrap little Maggie and bring her to her Aunty Di’s in her christmas outfit for Christmas. Shes so cute , love her. Might meet her next year. Whoop Whoop !

    Love to you Annie at this special time. I know you love christmas.
    Love Di x

    Hey Di!
    I know Christmas can be stressful for people, especially when you have kids and a limited income. I personally always get depressed when I can’t get gifts for everyone on my list. It seems I care more about it than the recipients. It’s hard but I’ve found a way to just be happy with whatever I have and can give. And you know what, it always turns out better when I feel that way.

    I’m sure that whatever kind of Christmas you have, it will be lovely for you and the kiddies because you’re such a Christmas spirit all by yourself.

    LOL – I don’t think I want to send my Maggie so far way but maybe we’ll all meet next year. How great would that be?

    Happy Christmas darling.



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