All I Want for Christmas

Back in the olden days when nobody protested Christmas displays or tried to sue people for saying Merry Christmas, or when Christmas trees weren’t considered a blight to the future of the planet, there was a cute little song called, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”

Ah, simpler times when the desire to have those important two front chompers in order to sink into the holiday dinner that was high in fat, sugar, cholesterol, calories and flavor. I miss them, don’t you?

And too, our wants are different now. If we are doing bad, we probably just want gas that is less than three bucks a gallon, or not be singled out in the security line at the airport by some lonely groping TSA agent. If we’re doing okay, we’re not sure what we want because we have grown accustomed to buying everything and anything our little heart desires. We own every gadget, media invention, and movie known to man—perhaps upgrading to a 60 inch plasma would be nice?

People complain about the commercialism of Christmas as if that is a new concept, but really if you watch old Christmas movies, you see that in 1947 they were complaining about it then too. Don’t believe me? Watch Miracle on 34th Street and you’ll see the teenage Santa wannabe Alfred say, “There is a lot of bad ism’s floating around this world and one of the worst is commercialism.” So that is nothing new, really. And frankly, I don’t see all that much wrong with it. Commercialism is what makes and sells things that we apparently want. Commercialism provides jobs. Commercialism produces movies, cell phones, music, television shows, automobiles, and every other material good, service and benefit we desire – so maybe we should stop blaming commercialism for our own relentless desire for stuff.

But regardless of what Christmas means to us, whether it is strictly religious or more just that joyous, spiritual feeling or lighthearted fun we love about Christmas, we all want something for Christmas and this is what I want:

I want people to put aside their selfishness and let others observe the holiday as they wish (as long as explosives or mayhem is not involved)

I want Congress to quit using taxpayer money to act as selective Santa’s giving to some and taking from others. (Most of us already have parents)

I want to spend one more Christmas with my father who is deceased through some bizarre miraculous g-torsional time warp. (I know this is not possible but I still want it)

I want the people who hate and are offended by Christmas to spend Christmas week in Iran, China or Afghanistan so they can see up close and personal how they like living in a country where the government outlaws such things and possibly even things they like. (Perhaps then Christmas won’t seem so offensive to them after that?)

I want the president to refrain from signing anything into law for at least a month. (Call it a bill-free holiday for all Americans).

I want Americans to quit envying each other and to accept charity if given freely but not to expect it because someone else can afford it. (Just because someone has something you do not, doesn’t mean you are entitled to a piece of it.)

I want the media to report the news in an unbiased manner without injecting their opinions, ideology and prejudices. (Or to shut the hell up.)

I want everybody to quit trying to control everything and just let things be. (From the weather to what we eat—again, we already have parents and most of us have umbrellas and galoshes).

But more than anything I want us to be free, happy and grateful for all the many blessings we have.

How about you, what do you want for Christmas?


copyright 2010

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