Sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy

When something inexplicable happens the first thing people want to know is, “Why?”

The cynics among us are quick to lay blame and point fingers of accusation—often naming a cause that hasn’t any direct connection to the event or the individuals involved. And by doing so they provide a benefit of doubt to the actual responsible person unjustifiably.

The complacent among us may shrug their shoulders and declare it an act of God or the universe. And attribute it as something completely out of the control of anyone at all.

Still others assign whatever applicable conspiracy theory they like as the source.

Most rational people, however, attempt to asses the facts to learn the truth. To discover the whys and the wherefores.

By now, thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of words have been written about the senseless murders that took place in Tucson last week. And although I’m not sure my words will add anything positive to the situation, I feel compelled to state my feelings, unable to remain silent any longer.

The facts tell us that the man who committed these crimes acted alone. That his disturbing behavior was known about before the crime and that little was done to prevent what now seems inevitable. That the young man frightened and concerned those who knew him. But that no one really seemed to know him nor the demons that drove him to obsession and murder. That whatever events and experiences in his life that lead him to such cold and vicious acts are not to be found on radio broadcasts or newspaper articles. But rather and probably only to himself. And…that sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy.

I believe the truth is that whenever anyone perpetrates violence against others, particularly strangers that there is no why. Not in a rational sense. There are no neat, easy to understand motivations for a sociopath. Such individuals have no conscience and so it is easy for them to justify anything. They have no empathy for others and so cannot feel the pain and fear they inflict upon their victims. Ask any law enforcement officer who deals with such individuals and they will tell you that that is the truth. The reason this young man did what he did is, I’m sorry to say, because he wanted to. I truly believe looking for any deeper reason is futile and will yield no secrets or deeper truth.

Imagine how he must be enjoying this speculation and the uproar that he has caused. Imagine how much he is enjoying his fame – because believe me folks, that is what it is about for him. It is not about his bad childhood or books he has read or hanging with the wrong crowd. It is about psychopathic narcissism.
Personally, rather than give this dark soul gratification by accusations amongst ourselves and heated debate I’d rather that we pray for the victims and their families. For the people this should truly be about. The people who were harmed simply for living their lives and wanting to engage in their communities and lives. For the six people whose lives were cut short:

Christina Green
John Roll
Gabriel ‘Gabe’ Zimmerman
Dorwan Stoddard
Dorothy Morris
Phyllis Schneck

And for the thirteen people who were injured – some of whom have a long recovery ahead of them.

Susan Hileman
Mavanell Stoddard
Pamela Simon
Ronald Barber
U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
James Tucker
Kenneth Veeder
George Morris
James Fuller
Randy Gardner
Mary Reed
Kenneth Dorushka
Bill Badger

For what it is worth, I’ll be praying for these people. I hope you’ll join me.

Writer Chick
copyright 2011

One thought on “Sometimes a tragedy is just a tragedy

  1. Hi Annie,

    Great post! So many are filled with such hate and loathing they can see only what they want to see, turning a tragic event into a political cage match. It’s disgusting, and turns the deaths of the innocents and the heroic acts of others into a three-ring circus.

    Let’s forget about the nut that did this, pray for the families of those taken, and hope for America. The partisan haters? Dump ’em in the trash along with their vile garbage.

    – JOS

    Hey JOS!
    Thanks. Yeah, the spinning is just non-stop. And what really struck me was that it started within seconds before anyone knew anything. I find those making this a political issue reprehensible. Although, I have a feeling most Americans aren’t buying the spin anyway.


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