So much for civil discourse

Just a few weeks ago, conservatives were being accused of spurring on the hateful actions of the Arizona shooter who killed six and injured thirteen.  There was an enormous amount of talk about being more civil.  So much so that a campaign to have Conservatives and Liberals sit together at the State of the Union address (no doubt later, holding hands and singing kumbayah) to show that we can all get along despite our differences.

Track up to this week – I think I’ll say it in pictures…



That’s right folks – we’re talking some serious civil discourse over disagreements.  Seems when it comes to contributing to one’s own healthcare and pension is on the table, teacher’s think the taxpayers are the ones to pay, not them. Clearly they are concerned about the economy and jobs – however, it seems it’s their personal economies and jobs they are concerned about.  Not yours or mine, or anyone else’s.  God forbid government employees should have to sustain a little bit of the hurt that the rest of us are feeling.

And like spoiled children who want to pout and not play the game, they called in sick so they could throw a public temper tantrum.

Oh yeah and while we’re on the subject – aren’t Republicans the ones who are the party of no?  Funny because all the Democrat state legislatures left town and are hiding out so they don’t have to vote on the governor’s bill.  At least we showed up and voted – and let our votes be counted.

Yes, we must all be civil, unless we’re government employees or or pissed off libbies.

Governor Walker, I salute you and pray you can and do persevere.   Wisconsin teachers…perhaps you should go back to work and do the job you are being paid for instead of whining about the public’s desire to reduce its indebtedness to you.  Many of us would actually like to have a job to go to, even if we had to contribute to our own health care and pension.  Maybe if you lose your jobs you’ll rethink your position.  We can only hope.


PS:  Note to the president:  You may want to pay attention to what is happening in Wisconsin and apparently stirring up in other states.  Many governors have decided to actually listen to the taxpayers and act accordingly – so choosing your side carefully could be a good idea.


One thought on “So much for civil discourse

  1. The people of Wisconsin voted their Republican governor and Republican legislators into office. Now they’re complaining? Elections have consequences. People should remember that when marking their ballots.

    Hey you!
    Yeah, I agree. However, if I understand the situation correctly, it seems that a lot of out of state people are coming in to swell the ranks of protesters and make it appear that more people are upset than there really are within the state. It’s become quite the political football but it seems that the governor is holding his ground. He campaigned this very issue, so someone acting as though they are surprised by his actions seems a bit disingenuous to me.


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