Gratitude – Friends


How would we ever get through life’s ups and downs without our friends?  The people with whom we laugh and cry, celebrate and commiserate? Though I am not one of those people who has a million friends, the friends I do have are incredible individuals and have added to my life in innumerable ways.  I am grateful for…

1. Zelda – my partner in crime, and too many adventures to note.  Who always has my back and worries about my retirement.  Who makes me laugh and prevents me from taking myself too seriously.

2. Kelly – who inspires me with her emotional fortitude and the absolute refusal to let life keep her down. Whose laugh can crack an eardrum, and whose heart is bigger than the great outdoors.

3. Cora – who taught me about fashion, passion and perseverance.  Whose intelligence and spirit personifies strength and character. Whose encouragement is appreciated more than I can say.

4. Jenny.  A sister, a daughter, a mother – just family in every way. A shoulder to cry on, a reassuring voice in the dark times , a woman who is always up for silliness and dumb pranks and will drive me anywhere.

And Squawky, Christine, Billie, Di, Kim, Sharie, and Jess – Andy, Michael, Andrea, Debba, and, and, and…

My friends mean the world to me and I am grateful for you all.

How about you? What friends are you grateful for and why?

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One thought on “Gratitude – Friends

  1. Anita – who inspires ME to carry on. And who gives me much joy to fill my day and to expand my thoughts into new areas of life here on planet earth.

    Aw…thanks, sweetie. Guess we’ve got a real love-fest going on here. 😉


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