April Showers – Theme Friday

Spring means water. That falls from the sky, soaks the hills green and awakens seedlings in their faerie dance toward the sun.

April showers bring May flowers – mother always said when I was little and complaining about putting on boots and hats. Peering the grey skies never informed me of vibrant reds, blues, yellows or pinks but rather of squatting near heaters with tomato soup and a grilled cheese sandwich.

And the rain set my rhyming voice a-spinning. April showers last for hours.  April showers dilute my powers. April showers topple towers.

When April comes, I wait for May – I wait for flowers and dream of dappled sun under leafy canopies, where the breeze whispers her  secrets to me.

Christine splashes in the rain and Clancy avoids puddles

5 thoughts on “April Showers – Theme Friday

  1. The tomato soup and the grilled cheese sandwich and the heater– me, too! Tornadoes are occurring with consistency now… I think your flowers might be on their way to you. 🙂

    Hey Clancy,
    Yeah tornados that was my yesterday when I lived in the midwest – now I’m in the southwest – more like quakes and shakes. But the spring flowers are definitely on their way. My mimosa tree is starting to green and I can’t wait to see and smell the pink blossoms – total heaven.


  2. I so love the rain. You paint such a cozy picture of it. You were so spot on even at an early age. May is quite beautiful isn’t it? Aaahh…..
    Well that would explain your love of Seattle, eh? 😉 Yeah, rain especially from a child’s perspective can be so full of wonder and images. Although I am one of those weirdo’s who can see art in a grilled cheese samich – go figure. 😉


  3. Spring always reminded me of rebirths and new beginnings which is why it has been my favorite season. Just yesterday I went to the nursery to get dirt, and I was suddenly struck by the smell of freshly turned earth. I just wanted to roll around in it -like a dog. I wanted to hug the trees and plants – I suddenly felt very alive. I should go smell dirt more often 🙂
    Oh Cora,
    I totally know what you mean about the smell of fresh soil. I repotted my plants last week and every time I walked by them I could smell that fresh earth smell and it made me smile. There is something very visceral about the smell of soil and digging your hands into it – like the smell of life I guess.


  4. I love the new & improved April showers maxims. But especially, I love the close, with its whispering breeze.

    LOL Chica,
    I had a feeling you would like those – my smart-alec-ness was very strong when I was a kid and is alive and well today. Much as rain is so good for the earth and flowers and trees I am still and will always be a sunshine girl.


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