Gratitude – Work

This week I want to show special gratitude for work. Over the course of my life I have had many jobs and I’ve learned something from all of them.

I’m grateful for…

My first job of raking leaves and cleaning my dad’s car. From which I learned that you could earn money if you did things for people that they didn’t want to do themselves.

My first business was babysitting for the neighbors. From which I learned you could earn money by just being in a place and making sure nothing happened. Often treats, drinks and movies were provided. I also learned to love kids and that they are really a kick.

Waitressing was my first “official’ job where taxes were withheld and I got an actual paycheck. From which I learned that speed and efficiency is king. That humor and friendliness go a long way in human interaction. That change counting machines were a gift from the Gods. And most importantly good shoes are really important.

And then there was, marketing, bookkeeping, managing, personal assisting, tech writing, copy-writing, fiction writing, blog writing, and so on.

For as much as we may complain about our jobs and going to work or having to work, I truly believe that without it we would be lesser beings. We would have lower morale and be generally unhappy. I believe it is human nature to want to work for or at something, that there is a specific joy one gets from making something with his or her own hands, mind, intelligence and/or creativity. While work usually brings you money, it also gives you independence, self esteem, self worth, and yes even a sense of peace.

Even the really terrible jobs I’ve had (and I think everyone has had a few) where everything went wrong, the boss or the coworkers hated me, the work was unsatisfying or difficult, the pay was terrible – even those jobs, that work I am grateful for because they all helped me to survive. To have the wherewithal to provide for myself and even pursue other interests. Not to mention some good writing fodder.

How about you? What work are you grateful for?

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