Gratitude – Books

This week I feel grateful for books. All kinds of books, text books, fiction, how-to, reference books, ebooks, print books, coloring books…

If you are anything like me then your world has a lot of books in it. Books that sit on shelves and collect dust, books that overflow on the nightstand and on the floor next to your desk. I honestly cannot conceive a world without books. They were my first real connection to the outside world. In fact to worlds that only existed within the covers of books.

Unlike most kids, I always had a long list of books on my Christmas wish list and birthday wish list. I didn’t care about barbie dolls or easy bake ovens, I wanted stories and histories and autobiographies. I wanted books that took me places I couldn’t otherwise go.

Think about the books in your life. Where have they taken you? To outer space, Africa, other planets, parallel universes? To worlds both better and worse. To new points of view? Inside the human body and up to the sky? They certainly have for me.

Most particularly I am grateful for:

Atlas Shrugged.   My most loved book – for no reason and every reason. Because it examines the heights and depths to which man can go. I never tire of reading it. I am never tired of that world.

Stranger in a Strange Land. How do we treat people who are different than us? How can one enlightened and disarming man be for frightening to so many people?

Kay Scarpetta, Alex Cross and Kinsey Millhone – heroes of mysteries I cannot get enough of in the endless quest to solve a puzzle. Oh and Odd Thomas and Garp and, and, and

How about you, what are your favorite books?

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2 thoughts on “Gratitude – Books

  1. I’ve been reading a lot of Swedish author Henning Mankell’s novels about Inspector Kurt Wallander. I recommend One Step Behind.

    Hi Dogsear and welcome,
    I have not heard of this author – I will add him to my list. Thanks for the heads up.


  2. Great post. I’ve been reading American Gods by Neil Gaiman and it’s such an exciting way to leave reality and transcend into a world filled with magic and wonder. I think what I’m grateful to books for is that ever present feeling of warmth that I get when thinking of my favorite characters and for opening my eyes to what could be. I’ll never be able to write off the glimpse of someone strange from the corner of my eye just being another person. Although I’m not sure I should admit it, books like the Lord of the Rings made me believe that those dark caves of the world hold more then crabs and bats and that forests aren’t as oblivious to the world as we may think. Strange but then, that’s the power of books!

    Hi PB13 & welcome,
    I’ve never read Gaiman but you make me feel interested in his work. I love to immerse myself into new worlds too. And yeah, of course those creepy crawly things that appear in the Lord of the Rings are real – me precious 😉 I agree the power of books know no bounds. Thanks for your comments.


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