Your Vote Counts

I don’t care who you are, whether or not you live in a swing state, or even whether or not you feel like voting. Your vote counts.

The last four years have been hell and I don’t believe anyone can look me straight in the eye and deny that.

You wanted change four years ago and you got it.  I say it’s time for change again.  We will not have a do-over on this one. This is our do-over. Make it count.

Vote! Get your friends to vote! Get your family to vote! Get your co-workers to vote! Get your neighbors to vote! And then pray. And believe that we can, one vote at a time, get back our America instead of this faded, frail, imitation of her.


2 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts

  1. Agreed! I’ll be waiting in the line to vote tomorrow!
    Great Marianne! Where are you standing in line? I’ll be at my polling place tomorrow morning first thing, myself.
    Writer Chick


  2. I heard a commentator compare this era to the era of John F. Kennedy and his admonition to “ask not what your country can do for you, but ask what YOU can do for your country”. Sadly, our society has degraded to the point where more people are looking for hand-outs and freebies than for opportunities to work hard for a better life for themselves, their children and their futures. Obama and his “Robinhood” mentality would have been laughed out of the same room with the likes of President Kennedy.

    I am sad today, but as I explained to my 11-year-old daughter, “It’s only 4 years… be glad you don’t live in Cuba or Venezuela.”

    And I’m scared today, too – because, in addition to being forced to witness the further decline of my country for the next 4 years, as a chronically ill person, I wonder if I’ll even live that long now that Obamacare will be fully implemented.

    Hugs to you, Annie,

    Hey Debs,
    Still in the stun mode this morning. Any commentator who could compare this era to the era of JFK clearly wasn’t there during JFK’s time and has no understanding of what that statement meant. Because if they did, they would see that we are living in an era that is the exact opposite to that. And I think they will be surprised to see that that Robin Hood era is soon to be over as well. Obama now has nothing to stop him from essentially executive-ordering his way and this country into utter ruin. Not too many freebies are going to be coming out of the ruins because there won’t be much there to loot and pillage. And what little there will be, certainly will be reserved for the self appointed kings and queens of this once great Republic.

    I am trying to just tell myself it is just four more years and that we will somehow get through it. Though, what kind of election can we expect in four more years? What kind of ‘leaders’ can we expect too? And even if an amazing leader comes along what reassurances do we have that what is left of the American people will be able to recognize it, and vote for it in massive enough numbers to overcome the fraud that is certain to exist then?

    I wonder if at this point we now must just resort to the same tactics as they have used for decades in order just to win an election. And if so, what worth would that victory have?

    At this point it seems that our last best hope is now in the hands of the 200 plus people in the House of Representatives – kind of feeling like Washington on the Delaware here…

    Anyway, time to regroup and rethink where we go from here. In the meantime, I urge all conservatives take advantage of their self-reliance and self-sufficiency and plan for the future of their families so that they can survive the burning of Rome.

    I’m cheerful today, eh?

    Hugs to you too,


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