So We Lost – Now What?


Despite the grumblings I am reading on the Internet on various forums and conservative sites, there was nothing wrong with our candidate except that he believed in fair play and honest tactics to win a race fair and square.  His downfall and ours was that we aren’t willing to win at any cost.

At least, if you are to believe some people that was our problem, others say that our problem was not being ethnic friendly enough, not enough tech-savvy, not reaching out to this group or that.  Not seeing the plus that Obama got out of Storm Sandy (Really? A hurricane won Obama the election?)

Personally, I believe that it goes much deeper than these and many other reasons being offered.  To put it succinctly: The error in Romney’s campaign was that he was off a couple of percentage points on that 47% thing – and also didn’t realize that that couple of percentage points meant that he could not campaign appealing to reason and rational thought – but rather should have campaigned to fear and feelings. Yes, you read that right, fear and feelings. If you look at the exit polling data you will see that ’empathy’ ranked high on the reasons why Obama was reelected. Because people ‘felt’ he understood them more and their problems. I suppose that should have been obvious, hell Bill Clinton’s “I feel your pain” won him two elections. And the sad truth is that more people feel in this country than think and that was the elephant in the room that none of the conservatives figured out.

In going forward I say we dispose of this ‘can’t we all get along’ crap that the talking heads are spewing and just say, NO!  Unfair you say? Well when the libbies lose, they don’t reach across the aisle, ever. They revolt. So then, so should we.

We should go on strike. We should resist. We should say no. We should be true to our principles of economic freedom and personal liberties.  Not agree to further loss of our Constitutional rights nor march into societal servitude.  If we do so, I think they will be surprised to discover that the Santa Claus era will soon end. Since Obama now has nothing to stop him from executive-ordering his way and this country into utter ruin, then ruin will come. And not too many freebies will come from those ruins because there won’t be much left to loot and pillage. And what little remains will certainly be reserved for the self appointed kings and queens of this once great Republic.

The country will crash; there is no doubt of that. So, we of the self-sufficient genes, will look after our own, prepare, and go about our business – while the craven needy masses ultimately tear themselves apart because the gravy train has run out of rations. When the smoke clears then perhaps we can start again.

And then that bright tomorrow that Mitt Romney spoke so eloquently of will be there for those of us who could envision it from the beginning.

Writer Chick

copyright 2012

One thought on “So We Lost – Now What?

  1. You read my mind. I am too angry to even post on FB and I am NOT ready to “play nice”, either. I’m sick and tired of having to be the adult in this country while the whining kids are in control. I’m tired of hearing threats of riots if they don’t get their way (remind you of the terrible two’s?).
    How dare those spoiled brats lecture me on how to get along with others?!
    I am not afraid anymore. I’m not going to shut up and bend over. Somebody has to put their big-kid underoos on and stop the apathy which inflicts the Republicans every time they lose.

    Hey Marianne,
    Welcome back. I’m with you. It’s time to quit apologizing for being who we are. We should now simply respond to them as they have always responded to us. We will say no, stamp our little pouty feet, claim discrimination, racism, christianphobia, stage protests or whatever else they do. Further, they want to damage small business, I say let’s make our small businesses really small – one or two people. We can take advantage of the tax breaks and perks and not be penalized and not help this administration create any jobs. He owes the latinos now, apparently because it was on Yahoo News, so let him pay them off, I’m not going to. I’m not going to any establishments that have illegal labor, buy fruit off the corner stands, nor donate to any minority charities (all of which I have done in the past). I will not do one thing that helps this administration or its constituency. I will not patronize any major media outlets, whether print or online, I will not give one penny or buy any products of this rabid Hollywood nutjobs who think they know a damn thing about real life. I will be self sufficient, take care of my own and make sure the hose is working fine when Rome burns.

    LOL – guess I’m not quite done with my soapbox.

    Thanks for your thoughts.



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