Are You the Hero of Your Own Story?

are you the hero of your own story?

No, I’m not talking about fiction here (although that could be a topic for another day).  I’m talking about you.  Your life, your business, your deal, your story.

The reason I’m asking is because I’ve noticed that there is so much hero worship going on these days.  You know?  Movie stars, singers, computer geniuses, marketing gurus, TV doctors, judges and lawyers…

In fact, this story claims that we worship Tom Hanks the most.  Really?  Tom Hanks?  Like what does Tom Hanks have to do with our day to day lives?  Bupkis, if you ask me.

Most people I know are busting their humps to get through day.  Work, kids, school, business, family obligations, rush hour traffic, grocery shopping – if you ask me it takes a true hero to face that stuff.

Not people who have private security guards and a team of assistants to fulfill their every need.  I mean wouldn’t you love to have Tom Hanks’ staff for a day so you could lounge by the pool or even read a book for two hours without being interrupted?

Maybe your hero is in the last place you look

We all love role models, people we want to aspire to be like, whether because of their smarts, their success or the great stuff they do.  It’s understandable.  Most people strive to learn and be better in some way.  I think that’s great.

But and it’s a big but, I think in our desire to be a new, better and improved self we often overlook how pretty darn great we already are.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people should drown themselves in self-love, but I am suggesting that maybe we should give ourselves a break.

 Try this

Just for the heck of it, sit down and try to write down all the things you do in the course of a day, or in the course of a week.  I’d be willing to bet that you’d fill up a lot of pages.  And when you’re done look it over.  Now consider this: is that the work of an ordinary human or some super hero who can drive, put on mascara, make the kids lunch and do a conference call at once?  Could a mere mortal juggle everyone’s schedule, hold down a job; take everybody to practice and school while managing to look like Julia Roberts?  I think not.

So the next time you get all down on yourself about your shortcomings, throw on your super hero/heroine cape (a sheet will do if yours is at the cleaners), laugh you best bad guy thwarting laugh and sing out, “Here I am to save the day!”

I guarantee it will make you feel better just to be your own hero for the day.

So, what death defying task did you perform today?  Tell me all about it in the comments.


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