Are You Living Inside Your Computer Too?

living in  your computerWell I’ve been a busy little bee and working my butt off, so much so that I’ve recently felt as though I live in my computer.  Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve got more virtual life than real life happening too.

However, if you’re unsure, following are the top twelve signs you’re living in your computer:

  1.  All food is virtually delicious but you’re hungry 20 minutes later.
  2. When you walk away from your computer a little voice cries, “come back!”
  3. Holding ordinary objects like forks, spoons, or sneakers is a challenge.
  4. You ignore phone calls and ringing doorbells but never let an email go unread or unanswered.
  5. Since you’ve discovered Internet TV your television set has become the object where you sling dirty laundry.
  6. You find you have more in common with your Facebook and Twitter pals than your own family.
  7. You haven’t worn anything that couldn’t classified as pajamas for at least a week.
  8. You take less showers now because people on the Internet can’t smell you anyway – and really you can’t afford the time away from your keyboard.
  9. You are confused by the desperate look on your dog’s face and continuously swat her away throughout the day—until you notice she has no food or water.
  10.  You only leave the house for must-have, immediate-need items like, lunch, diet coke, chocolate, and cigarettes.  Everything else you can get online.
  11.  If it’s not on your computer screen you just don’t see it.
  12.  No matter what problem anyone tells you about your first response is,  “there’s  an app/program for that.”

If you find you are experiencing these and similar things, it’s time to:  take a deep breath, turn off the computer and get a life.  Really your friends, family and pets will thank you.

If you’ve had any fun or amazing adventures while living in your computer, feel free to share in the comments below.


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