A Writer’s Manifesto

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Okay, well maybe the word manifesto is a bit dramatic, but I just love the sound of it, especially in relation to the artistic endeavor.

Anyway…I’ve been reading a lot about core values lately and started wondering if there is a set of core values, beliefs and principles that writers hold in common – or if it’s just an individual thing from one writer to the next.  I never really figured out an answer to the general question but I realized that I do indeed have a set of core values, beliefs and principles as a writer and so I give to you, one writer’s manifesto:

I vow to…

  • Stop sabotaging my writing whether good, bad, great or hideous – I shall own every word.
  • Write everyday, even when I don’t feel like it, even when it all seems like crap, even when I can only eke out a few words.
  • Never begrudge another writer success and instead will seek to discover what I can learn from successful writers.
  • Never give in to my evil internal editor but to use that little voice as my muse when I need to challenge my imagination, skill and ability.
  • Never stop learning or wanting to learn
  • To always offer hope in every story I write.

I recognize that…

  • Writing is my super-power and I will only use it as a force for good.
  • I have something to offer the world and offer it I will.
  • Every writer has a unique voice and that neither minimizes, nor makes irrelevant my own voice.
  • A writer can turn ordinary words into something powerful and extraordinary.
  • If I don’t write my stories they will never be written

I believe that…

  • Imagination is the happiest nation on Earth.
  • I am the hero of my own story and my success or failure depends on the actions I take or fail to take.
  • Five minutes of laughter does me more good than a week of worrying
  • That Joseph Campbell was right—the cave I fear to enter holds the treasure I seek.
  • Shit happens but that’s no excuse for anything.
  • Every time a writer finishes a story, an angel gets her wings.

How about you?  What’s your manifesto? I really want to know. No, really I do!

Writer Chick

Copyright 2013





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