Questions I ask myself or Daddy, why is the sky blue?


Want to know what writers think about? Yeah, me too. But alas, I can only tell you what twirls around in my writer’s brain. Any of these sound familiar to you?

1. Is a book better if the writer takes years to write it?

2. Are eBooks better than ‘real’ books?

3. If eBooks smelled like ‘real’ books would people buy more of them?

4. If smart phones are so smart why do people walk into walls while using them?

5. Do people know that we can hear all the details of their life because they talk really loud on their cell phones?

6. Why doesn’t my cat like anybody—not even me?feb 2010001

7. What is my dog dreaming about?

8. Why don’t vegetables taste like chocolate? Or potato chips?

9. If a writer sits in her office alone writing a book does anyone hear the keyboard clacking?

10. Is the opposite of social media, anti-social media?

11. Why don’t they make aerobic chairs?

12. Does a dog know when you’re lying to her?IMG_0005

13. If we got rid of all the flies and crickets, would nature revolt?

14. When did underpants become a fashion statement?

15. How does karma work? Is there a scorecard or something?

16. Why does white clothing make me spill things?

What questions do you ask yourself? Do you get any answers? Feel free to add to the add to the list.

Writer Chick
Copyright 2015

23 thoughts on “Questions I ask myself or Daddy, why is the sky blue?

  1. I ask myself a vast amount of question. I call myself a “question addict” because my list is infinite. I have actually asked myself a few od your questions. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.


    1. You must be a writer then. 😉 I’m glad you thoroughly enjoyed the post because I thoroughly enjoyed writing it. Laughing is fun. What kind of questions do you ask yourself? Really, I’m curious.

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      1. What my neighbors are doing at this exact moment? Do other people enjoy laying in bed as mich as I do and does that make me lazy? Do animals understand every language or only the language they grew up with and do they know what language that is? Why does my cat sleep in sink, I wonder if it’s comfy?
        That’s just a limited amount of questions I ask on a daily basis 🙂


      2. Those are some great questions. Maybe we could start a thing? A multi-blog weekly questions I ask myself. 😉 I don’t have any answers for your questions but I’m guessing your cat likes to sleep in the sink because it’s cool. My cat sleeps in my shower sometimes. But then, you know, cats. Right?

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      1. LOL! I’ve been known to go cricket hunting at 3 a.m. I just hate those dang things – give me the creeps.

        But if you do hurt the wall, spackle is pretty cheap. Just saying. 😉

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  2. “If eBooks smelled like ‘real’ books would people buy more of them?”….. I Love the smell of a new book. I love going into a library or book store and smelling an old book. I will always love books.


  3. 1. Yes! (Now I’ve validated myself!)
    2. Better for authors and people without hands. Not beret for people with noses. See: answer 3
    3. I sure would! Let’s combine that terrible idea “Smell-o-vision” with Amazon’s next Kindle. Call it Kindlefactory Senses?
    4. Smartphones and Justice are blind. And both too often put you up against the wall.
    5. Show-offs. 😐
    6. Because Cat. Recognize, human!
    7. Wolf Life, playa!!!
    8. They did, in the Garden of Eden (Eatin’?), now their current status is just part of the punishment….
    9. The cat does. Why else do they interrupt us by walking on keyboards?
    10. There’s a difference? :-p
    11. Those exist – only when you have an all-hardwood-floor house, and commit to rolling an office chair EVERYWHERE because why not. Actually more aerobic than just walking around, as it turns out….
    12. Dogs know all your secrets. Unlike cats, they just don’t give a single care!
    13. Dunno about nature, but a lot of great old Hollywood classic gags, and the international “sounds of conversation silence” would be gone, and that would be weird….
    15. No, you just turn the keyma. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)
    16. It’s related to atomic and subatomic theory and gravity. One of those natural omnipresent forces of attraction.
    17. When am I going to finish even one book? Answer: only the Fox god knows!
    Sky=blue because Magic. Cower in awe!



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