Nine things that will always be free

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Lint. We don’t know where it comes from or how it seems to spontaneously appear out of thin air but no one has ever capitalized on this free resource (as far as we know) so grab all the free lint you can. Who knows maybe you’ll figure out a way to make sweaters and mittens from it.

Opinions. Like the saying goes……everybody has one. Often you don’t have to ask for an opinion because others will gladly tell you whether you like it or not. Warning: These free verbal projectiles are frequently composed of volatile and unstable materials, especially when uttered on social media channels.

Baby smiles and puppy dog wags. You do not have to have a baby or own a dog to get either. They are spontaneous gifts and you should savor each one.

Advice. Especially bad advice. Like opinions, is it offered without solicitation, covers a wide range of topics, and can be provocative. Caution: When accepting advice bear in mind that you get what you pay for.

Bad luck and trouble. This dynamic duo can appear without warning and is usually inexplicable. From nails in tires to cat fights in McDonalds you can get caught in the crossfire by simply being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Because of its indiscriminate nature do not dwell on it or it will grow –wondering why it happened to you will only encourage it to spend more time with you. Like dust and pollen, it is simply part of the flotsam and jetsam of the universe.

Germs. Like opinions and bad advice, germs abound. They are hard to see and live on every surface known to man. If you were to magnify these babies you’d run screaming in the other direction because they are the inspiration for horror story monsters and Halloween movies. They are sneaky and can get into your system at any time—hand sanitizer and soap are your friends.

Something on the Internet. No matter how things change or advance there will always be something ‘free’ on the Internet. Of course, often what is labeled as free on the Internet has been stolen or pirated from someone or somewhere else, so beware.

Sunlight and air. I’m not sure these two necessary for life items will always be free since the government loves to find ways to charge us for nature has given us. And you see the occasional article about some bozo claiming squatting rights on the sun – but until (or unless) a planet-wide biodome is put in place you can probably count on sucking up this stuff to your heart’s content.

Your own thoughts. Despite Internet data tracking and viruses – GPS, satellites, and spy agencies – so far, no one has managed to break into the human mind successfully (although many have tried). And based on current trends, soon, your mind may be the only private place left on the planet. So be kind to your mind, feed it daily with information, knowledge, art, experience and wisdom. Cram it full of things that expand its boundaries and enable it to travel to hitherto unknown regions. Protect it from strangers and never give anyone the password.

You’d think there’d be more than nine things that are really truly free. If I missed something be sure to point it out to me or add to the list.

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7 thoughts on “Nine things that will always be free

    1. Thanks. I don’t know, if the government didn’t create the laws that enable corps from capitalizing on nature then I don’t think it could happen. I think it goes hand in hand. Know what I mean?


  1. Love this. I was about to say air is free, but then I thought about how the air thingy at gas stations isn’t free anymore. I gave a kid a buck last week just so he could air up his tires. How can air not be free!? That’s outrageous. And you mentioned the Internet. So much there was free in the early days. But as soon as someone figured there was money to be made …


    1. I know the thing about air hit me too. It’s true about the Internet, somewhere, somehow there will always be something ‘free’ on the Internet. Wink, wink. Know what I’m saying? 🙂


    1. Ooh, I love it when I make people think. I think that thinking is under-rated. Thinking is a very very good thing. 🙂 I glad you enjoyed the list. I enjoyed writing it. 🙂 Thanks. WC


      1. I love free stuff because there is no obligation to take it or to use it. (na na na na na you can’t make me) One thing that used to be free, or nearly so is water. Who else thinks that paying the same amount of money for a bottle of water as a drink containing ingredients is remotely fair? And those plastic bottles ……………….”great deals…………… one get scre…………now and only………… ti………one of a kind…………………….shippi………………..guar…….


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