And the Winner Is…Thoughts about 2015 Oscars

Full disclosure, I haven’t seen any of the films that were nominated, except for one, which I couldn’t finish watching because I thought it was pretty bad.

Last night I decided to watch the Oscars last night because it was raining, there was nothing else on and heck I hadn’t watched them for a long time. It could be fun, at least mildly entertaining – I thought.

The emcee for the evening was Neil Patrick Harris (of Doogie Howser and How I Met Your Mother). Opening number was typical Oscar, borderline cheesy but cute. Who knew Neil could sing?


Why wasn’t he funny? His jokes didn’t land but I couldn’t figure out why.

Did anybody get the whole coming out in his underwear thing?

The predictions gag didn’t deliver


Lady GaGa (looking quite beautiful I might add) did an amazing tribute to Julie Andrews. Who knew she had that kind of range?

Eddie Redmayne’s acceptance speech, adorably boyish, humble and sweet. He could be a character in my stories any day.

John Travolta got his co-presenter’s name correct. And good for him for being able to laugh at himself.

Great performance of Glory the song that won the award. Not a dry eye in the house.

Ben Affleck looked pissed all night. Anybody know why? Maybe his underwear was too tight?

Ironic that the movie that took the ‘big’ awards was about a washed up actor trying to make a comeback. Isn’t that ironic? Actors and show people giving an award to a film about actors and show people? How diverse.

Political statements instead of acceptance speeches:

Some people like this sort of thing. I don’t. I’m not watching to hear about this actor or that actor’s views on politics. I love you Patricia but really? And John are we really still in the same mindset as 50 years ago? And, and, and…

For me, this sort of thing ruins awards shows which are supposed to be fun, glitzy and glamorous. And really, it’s not like celebrities don’t have a million opportunities to spout their personal views. Just saying.


Nothing for Clint? Shocking. I mean cripes. Nothing for the biggest box office movie of the year? Maybe he needed a struggling actor character in the script?

Best part of the show:

Lady GaGa in a beautiful white gown singing her ever living heart out.

Worst part of the show:

Neil in his underwear.

Your turn. What are your thoughts? Happy about the winners? Wanted somebody else to win? Who had the best dress?

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8 thoughts on “And the Winner Is…Thoughts about 2015 Oscars

  1. Didn’t have time to watch them, Annie, but I did skim the highlights. We’ve seen all the movies, except for the won that won best movie, Birdman. I know, it’s so dang ironic it makes my teeth hurt… The fact that Boyhood didn’t get best movie seems incredible to me. To shoot a movie for 12 ys, getting together with your actors once a year, and actually document their growing older on screen … wow! I mean, the effort, dedication and the pure love that went into it – not to mention what it yielded. Don’t know if you’ve seen Boyhood, but it’s quite the visual experience. Pretty amazing.

    At least Eddie Redmayne won best actor. He really was brilliant in The Theory of Everything, which we just saw on Saturday. I cried like a child…


  2. Hey Ramona,

    Yeah, the irony. LOL. I loved Redmayne’s acceptance speech, so sweet and heartfelt. I will have to see his movie. I want to see it but knowing what a sentimental sap I am, I have to gear up for the emotional toll it will take.

    Boyhood’s approach was certainly original. I love Patricia (big fan) and I loved that she won, although I was surprised it was best supporting since she was the female lead in the movie. Just seemed weird to me.

    If you get a chance do watch the Lady GaGa vid – she was amazing.

    Oh well, there’s always next year, right?



  3. We saw some of the films up for awards, including the somber, elegiac and powerful Ida, which won the best foreign film award. We’re in Buenos Aires at the moment, and thus two hours ahead of EST. So, I fell asleep not longer after the award show proper began…


    1. Thanks goodness for the Internet because you can probably see the whole show online – if you’ve a mind to. I remember though that I used to fall asleep too because they ran late often. Of course now, they start them so early on the West Coast so people on the East Coast don’t fall asleep.


  4. I Love film and the Oscars. They don’t always get it right but its a beautiful way to celebrate the movies. Loved the skit with Harris, Kendrick, and Jack Black!


  5. Hello Anita! I missed Lady GaGa! Will have to watch the vid. I loved Birdman, it’s not at all what you’re expecting when you sit down to watch it, and Neil in his underwear is a big nod to the film as that’s what happens to the central character in the middle of the movie. I loved what Patty said, but I agree, it’s not the right forum to do that in.
    Simonne x


    1. Oh. MY. Gawd! Simonne darling, how are you? Wow, so good to hear from you. Great picture by the way. Love it.

      Thank you so much for explaining the underwear thing. Not having seen the movie I just couldn’t get what was going on. On your recommendation alone, I may see the film.

      Yeah, I love Patricia to death but I just watch to be immersed in the fantasy of the show, not causes and crap. I can go to FB for that, right?

      Again, so great to hear from you. Tried to subscribe to your blog via email but can’t figure out how. 😦 Help please?

      xo xo


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