Daylight savings, birthdays and starting over


I’m cranky because of the whole spring forward thing which is ironic because it isn’t even officially spring yet, right? And I’ve always wondered how they can call it daylight savings since you have to cutting an hour of daylight from the morning and giving it to the evening, doesn’t in fact give us more daylight, and doesn’t seem to save much. watch



I have a birthday coming up and I used really look forward to birthdays – now not so much. Not because of the age issue because let’s face, you’re as old as you are and you aren’t going to change it, right. But mostly because my family and friends have over the years slipped into apathy about birthdays and holidays in general. In fact, my buddy Zelda actually chastises me for giving her birthday gifts. Wow. Really? Well it doesn’t matter because I’ll continue to give them to her anyway, and I can’t wait to see her reaction to the birthday card I found for her – guaranteed to shoot milk straight out of her nose. And to any birthday naysayers out there I say this. Birthdays are awesome. They are the day you get to show the people you love that they’re special – if only for the 15 minutes it takes for them to open the card, the gift and shove a cupcake in their mouth. And is it really so much trouble to take 15-20 minutes out of a day and show somebody you like that you like them? Anyway… balloon-boy




You know what it’s like when you bake a cake you’ve really been wanting to make? You know, you’ve got this awesome picture in your head of how it will look, how it will smell and the flavor that will explode in your mouth when you take the first bite. But then reality takes over and what you end up with is a lopsided, dry, badly decorated amorphous glob? Yeah. So starting over. lopsided cake



If this post doesn’t make sense then I say we blame on daylights savings, birthday haters, and lopsided cakes.

Tomorrow I may write something more cogent. Could happen.

Peace out

Writer Chick

8 thoughts on “Daylight savings, birthdays and starting over

  1. I like lopsided cakes, they taste like dreams and sunshine! 😀 You should see my failed pies, btw *shakes head* But they also taste pretty darn good, so that’s that.


  2. LOL. Yeah there is a lot to be said for lopsided cakes and ugly pies – looks bad but tastes good (reminds me of a very off color joke). And I guess if all you have is lopsided cake then that’s what you eat, right? 🙂


  3. I’m with you on the time change. Pick one or the other and stick with it. Stop changing! I’d prefer we stay on daylight savings year round because sunset at 4:30 in the winter really depresses me.


    1. Hey Girl,
      I know that whole sunset at 4 o’clock thing depresses me too. It’s why I live in CA – I’m a sunshine girl. I get the shivers just thinking about anything below 62 degrees. 😀


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