Anne R Allen kicks some politically correct butt and other good posts this week


Actually, I’m a little late on the uptake here. Writing book blues has got me a bit down but it goes with the territory I guess.

But I did manage to get in some reading:

Artistic Freedom vs. Crowdsourcing, Censorship, and the Dunning-Kruger Effect
Anne writes a takes no prisoners post on the whiners, censor-crazed do-gooders who feel compelled to tell creatives what they can and cannot do and more. Excellent read.

100 Words for Facial Expressions
Mark Nicol gives us a nice, tied up in a bow, cheat sheet that writers can print out and keep near by for those moments when you can’t think of the darn word for a facial expression.

Hollywood’s 25 Most Powerful Authors
Variety gives us the scoop on who the writing power gods are in Hollywood. Not a lot of surprises but still, good to know.

Lessons from a great book jacket designer
Very helpful and insightful post on book cover design, which cuts through all the crap and tricks and gives good solid advice.

Writer Chick

4 thoughts on “Anne R Allen kicks some politically correct butt and other good posts this week

  1. And what reading, Annie! I’m very impressed by your multifaceted interests in the books you consume. I always try to challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone, but I do confess that I fail a lot. Yours is an inspiring attitude! Must. Try. Harder. Lol, great post.


  2. Hey Ramona,
    Thanks. I do like a lot of things but I do favor certain genres too. I think we all do. But I thought all these articles were interesting for different reasons, you know? Have you read Chuck Wendig’s post this morning? It’s a honey. 🙂


  3. Thanks much for the shout-out! And for all the great links. Alan Rinzler’s piece on book covers is great. Now to check the others!


    1. Oh my the great Anne R Allen came to my little ol’ blog – I’m flattered. The shout out was a no brainer – you said so well what so many of us think and have been sick to death of for ages. Brava, Ms. Allen. Thanks for the retweet. 🙂 I agree the post on book covers was awesome and easy to understand. Go figure. 🙂


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