Playground – Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge

Chuck Wendig at Terrible Minds made this challenge: This week’s challenge is not one of subject, theme, or other detail — the challenge is simply one of length. Because normally? You get 1000 words. Today? You get only 100. (I think this is technically called a “drabble.” You can call it “Bobo” for all I like.) So: Go to your online space. Post 100 words (no more!) of fiction. Link back here so we can all see it. Due by next Friday, 3/27. That’s it. I double dog dare you to do it.

Following is my answer to the challenge:

fat bobby

I cried, “Stop!” My whimper only inspired jeers and fat Bobby’s knee to dig deeper into my back.

His peanut butter breath spoke of the sandwich he swiped from me and I tried to get back. Why I was face down in the dirt, with half my hair wrapped about his filthy hand. “Say you’re sorry.”

“Let go of her.”

Suddenly he tumbled off me – cursing.

“You gonna lay in the dirt all day?”

I raised my aching head to a dirty-faced girl with skinned knuckles and a crazy ponytail studying me. “Who are you?”

“Zelda. Your new best friend.”

Writer Chick

copyright 2015

4 thoughts on “Playground – Chuck Wendig’s Flash Fiction Challenge

  1. Hey, I like this… I think we’ve all been in this position of being bullied.

    However, I was the one who not only was bullied but turned around the bit back; it’s just how I was (being the youngest, I learned how to fight my own battles really fast).

    Love ‘His peanut butter breath’… I could almost smell it! 😀


    1. I know, peanut butter on the breath has that really special smell, doesn’t it? 😀

      Yeah, I think we’ve all been on the receiving end of this kind of thing too. I know I have.

      Although, when I saw Chuck’s challenge I decided I’d do a vignette involving the characters from the series I’m writing – Scotti & Zelda. It was fun so I might do more whether or not Chuck issues another similar challenge.

      Thanks for dropping by and the comments.


    1. Thanks Ramona. Not to worry, Chuck posts a challenge every week or it seems that way anyway. They’ll be plenty of opportunities in the future. Or, you could issue your own challenge. Or we could issue a joint challenge. Challenges are everywhere, yes?


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