Amazon goes to court over fake reviews and other scintillating reads this week


Amazon files first-ever suit over fake product reviews, alleging sites sold fraudulent praise
Hold onto your hats, think Amazon doesn’t like reviews written by your mom or best friend? They really hate it when somebody builds a business around fake reviews.

20 OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL LIBRARIES IN THE WORLD – Gary McLaren at WorldWide Freelance Writer offers us awe-inspiring buildings that honor books – so beautiful they almost look like houses of worship – and maybe they are.

Top Social Media Turnoffs. Forbes gives us a pictorial of the top social media turnoffs.

Nicolas Sparks:Writing and Proscratination go Hand-in-Hand.
Interesting insights about writing from famous romance writer, Nicolas Sparks.

10 Resources To Upgrade Your Grammar And Writing Skills from is a handy list of resources to up your grammar and writing game.

Okay my friends, start reading. And feel free to talk about these stories with each other in the comments.

Have a great week!

Writer Chick

6 thoughts on “Amazon goes to court over fake reviews and other scintillating reads this week

  1. I’m bookmarking like mad over here 😀 I told you how much I love your Monday posts, right? Well, let me say it again: I love your Monday posts! The Amazon story is especially interesting… Have a great week, Annie!


    1. Yes Ramona, I agree that Amazon story is something. I’m still somewhat astounded that someone had the cajones to create a business where their product was fraud. But this is the modern age, right 😀


  2. Sometimes it’s so obvious when a review is done by a family member or friend. If you’re going to have it done make sure to coach them in being balanced in their praise and not overboard.


    1. True. Although, I don’t think authors should be penalized if their friends or families like their books. If they read the book and liked it, I think it’s okay for them to review it. Superfans can also be less objective as well. But if the review was written by a real person, seems to be it should be okay. Though the lead story is about a guy who created a business around selling fake reviews. Must be pretty bad if Amazon is taking legal measures, don’t you think?


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