Ten Ways to Ruin Your Blog


Yup, I think I’ve done all of them.

Stop blogging about what you want to blog about in favor of the advice of experts whom you do not know. The problem with experts on the Internet is that everyone is an expert. This can confuse us. While there are many people who do give sound advice on Internet marketing you might want to check them out before taking their advice.

Worry about value to your readers so much that your blog posts are incomprehensible and even you don’t know what you’re saying. I remember a few months back I was trying to get back into regular blogging and so read tons of articles and advice, most of it stressing value. I became so stressed out about my ‘value’ that when I wasn’t in apathy about writing a post I was chewing my fingernails down to the stubs worried that whatever I produced was not valuable enough.

Imitate what the big bloggers do so you are a poor imitation of them. I think we’ve all done this. Tried to imitate CopyBlogger or some other big blog in our niche. I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t pull it off. Can you say disaster?

Blog about what you think others think you should blog about because what you want to blog about you don’t think anyone will think is cool. Look, you started your blog because you had an idea. You had something to say in your own voice, from your own point of view. Now after reading all the how-to articles, that enthusiasm, that joy of creating that you felt is like a cold super-sized side of McDonald’s fries churning in your stomach. See if you can go back and find the thing that excited you when you first started.

Write about a topic as though you are an expert but about which you know nothing or you know something but not enough. Lots of people think, well I can (fill in the blank) so I can assume the view of an expert – and in fact I’ve seen that suggested in marketing advice. But when you try to write the post it doesn’t fly. It doesn’t sound authoritative or experty enough or whatever. Might work better if you approach the topic from the view of ‘this is how I do (fill in the blank).”

Write the same post everybody else is writing. Is this tempting or what? You subscribe to lots of blogs, read a few of the big ones and everybody is posting about a certain topic, news story or current event. So you figure you’ll do it too. I’ve done it and it didn’t work. I say, so what if everybody is talking about the fight with Hachette and Amazon, if you want to blog about red-haired girls and their best looks then write about that. It’s your blog, your voice, your little condo on the Internet. Do it your way. Who knows you may even set a trend.

Write posts based on titles you get from a title generator. Okay, I haven’t done this one but you can tell who does. Because you see the same titles/headlines everywhere, slightly edited but still…

Write nothing about which you have an opinion, feel passionate or have any interest in. Can you say instant death? Blogging about things you don’t have any strong feelings about is about as exciting as watching milk go bad. If you don’t love it, chances are nobody else will either.

Write a blog for the sole purpose of collecting readers for your future books. I know, I know, most of us are writers. Most of us write books, stories, and poems and we want people to read those books, stories and poems. But people can tell if you’re just trying to sell them rather than have a conversation with them. And who knows if the conversation goes well, they might want to buy your books, stories and poems.

Have lots of ads, pop-ups, flash animation and everything else you can think of to keep people from being able to read your posts. This one I did for about five minutes. I didn’t go full-bore flash animation but I ran the ads. I made no revenue whatsoever and even I was irritated by them staring back at me.

So my friends, there you have it, ten surefire ways to ruin your blog. Have you ever done something that ruined your blog? What happened? Did you fix it? How?

Oh yeah, and Happy Tax Day to one and all 😀

Writer Chick

18 thoughts on “Ten Ways to Ruin Your Blog

      1. Wow, that’s like music to my ears. I love flowers, the spring, the summer, growing things. I check my garden 27 times a day to see if there’s a new life or blossom. I get the biggest charge out of growing stuff. It’s the best. 😀

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  1. Reblogged this on A Comfy Chair in the Corner and commented:
    I read this post this morning from fellow Blogger Writer Chick and was inspired to share! I think it is important to remember these things when you are in the blogging world, and this post was helpful to keep your blog as a reflection of who you are. Stay original, stay true to who you are as a writer, a blogger, and a person. Enjoy!


  2. Haha, my post today is about Amazon HarperCollins standout. It’s a topic that interests me and I don’t care who else does it – I needed to put my own 2 cents in. As for the rest, honestly, I haven’t really tried any of these things (I probably live in my own head too much…) I post about things that interest me, with the hope that other people will also find them interesting. But if they don’t, they don’t – it’s hardly the end of the world. I don’t know what Copy Blogger is and I had no idea there were such things as title generators, if I understand correctly? Lol. I write four posts/week, usually all on Saturday, between hanging out with the family and going to see a movie. I don’t stress much about it. Oh, and the blogs I read, with a few exceptions, are all focused on reviewing young-adult books. This keeps me plugged into the newest trends in the market and how the intended readership receives them.
    Great post, Annie!


    1. Hey Ramona,
      Happy Wednesday.

      Yes, you march to your own drummer – that’s why I like your blog – it’s all you, baby. LOL, I love that you don’t know what CopyBlogger is – it puts things in perspective. In my opinion, although they offer some valuable advice, I believe it is one of the blogs that changed blogging into a business. Sorry, but that’s always made me bristle. Because I love blogging. Because blogging saved me as a writer. Because until I started blogging I was a boat with a rudder or sail. It gave me focus.

      I’ve tried writing all my weekly blogs on one day and I just can’t pull it off. Probably because I have the ‘oh look there’s a squirrel syndrome’ and all the shiny things out there can be distracting…Wait a minute, what?

      Anyway, thanks for sharing. And reading. Love that we’ve discovered each other in this here blog neighborhood.



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