Are you part of someone’s tribe? Has the tribe spoken?


There’s thing going around about being part of someone’s tribe. (It may be blasé by now and perhaps marketers have moved onto something else because I’m often behind the latest trends…but anyway….) The idea here is that a writer or otherwise creative entrepreneur type person needs a tribe. A group of people so dedicated to them that they spread the word. Offer support. Pledge undying loyalty to the person, their products and/or their brand.

Now aside from family, which I think is actually a tribe of sorts, isn’t this a little bit weird? Even your group of friends could be a tribe, I guess. Or your co-workers. But like total strangers?

Am I missing something?

I’m a writer and I write books and I’d love people to buy those books. But do I want a Jim Jones mob following my every move and quoting me to others? Is that really the idea? Do I want my face to be the favorite Halloween mask next year? Didn’t they used to call this hero worship or some such?

See, I’m asking all these questions because I don’t know

What about you guys. Do you have tribes? Or are you part of a tribe? Do you wear special costumes? Have your own line of makeup? A secret handshake? A nifty decoder ring? Do you all post baby pictures on Facebook at a designated time every Thursday? Go for teepee camp outs and such?

Let me know. Educate me. Explain it to me. What is this tribe thing all about?

Writer Chick

6 thoughts on “Are you part of someone’s tribe? Has the tribe spoken?

  1. Lol, Annie! Where DO you come up with these questions?! Let me tell you, since I started blogging, I do feel like I’ve become part of a small community, because I read their posts and they read mine on a daily basis and we keep in touch on Twitter and such. And it’s nice. But here’s the thing: writing is a solitary occupation. It’s natural for writers to be alone, because that’s how we manage to get any writing done 🙂 No, I don’t believe it’s necessary to be part of a tribe besides family. My boys, hubby and son, are my tribe 🙂


    1. You’d be amazed what runs around in my twisted little mind.

      I agree, writing is a solitary activity. It really has to be, right?

      I don’t know this tribe thing may just be a machination of the marketing gurus or something. It just sounds so weird to me, right? At least now I know there’s one other person who thinks so too. Thanks for that. 😀


  2. Good questions. I have read about tribes for writers by Jeff Goins (Tribewriters) and Kristen Lamb who runs WANA tribe (We are Not Alone) for writers. They have a good following, but personally I don’t find it necessary to belong to a tribe for writers. I have found good writing groups however that could be considered a tribe of sorts. They do not necessary help everyone. It is a personal preference whether a writer joins a group. I prefer meeting other writers in small groups for critique. Workshops are also a good place to meet other writers. I have met some wonderful mentors online and in person. Just a few thoughts on the subject.


    1. Hi,
      Sorry I didn’t see this comment earlier – my bad. 😀

      Yes, I’m familiar with the people you mentioned. And I’m with you – small groups, crit groups work best for me too. And I’ve met some wonderful writers online too – people I consider good friends now. Sometimes I’m just filled with love for the Internet, you know?
      Are there any online groups that you’d recommend?

      Thanks for your comment and sorry I missed it earlier.


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