All your many hats as a writer – oh yeah, a lot of them … and other good stuff


Some good stuff out there to read this week, enjoy.

The 3+ Hats Every Indie Author Must Wear by Nina Amir  You think as an indie author (or any kind of author) you only have to wear your writer hat? Think again. And I’m going to go hat shopping later.

Debunking the Discovery Problem by Joe Wikert discusses how content efficiency may solve the discovery problem for indie authors and publishers.

Book Design: How Changing Covers Can Transform Self-published Book Sales by Scarlett Rugers. Your book may be great but the cover may be tanking sales or preventing them. Very insightful article on the value of a great and appropriate book cover.

Character Cue – Whose Line is it anyway? by Katrina Kittle–  Shows us that keeping the voice of your protag strong (and not losing it )during narrative passages can and should be done.

The mystery of the literary litterbug is solved. Really? He couldn’t think of what to do with the books other than toss them out the window?

4 thoughts on “All your many hats as a writer – oh yeah, a lot of them … and other good stuff

  1. Hehe, I like the last one. And the hats-thing… Sometimes it’s exhausting, but multiple hats are a must these days. Another awesome Monday post, Annie! 🙂


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