Father’s Day Blues


Every June I sing the tune of missing you
Where are you, Pop?
Over the moon?
Watching a game
Having a beer?

I wonder about that.
You’re gone
But where did you go
When you left
This place called life?

Can you give me a hint?
Drop me a feather
Paint a little picture in the clouds?
Just a little celestial wave of the hand
So I know you’re still out there.

So I know
You think about me sometimes too
Just every now and then
No pressure
I’ll listen between the sighs
Real hard
For your laugh
It’ll be our secret

Copyright 2015

7 thoughts on “Father’s Day Blues

  1. Hey, Annie…

    I am blessed not to know what it feels like to lose my dad, but every year I can see that each of my three sons hurt. This will be their 18th Father’s Day without him.

    When I pray for their comfort, I’ll pray for yours as well… and maybe for a feather, too.

    Thinking of you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I really feel for your kids – I can’t imagine not growing up with a dad. That’s got to be unspeakably difficult. Hugs to them.

      Thanks for the prayers. I know he’s in a better place but I just wish I could see him every now and then, you know? ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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