Indie Authors “Owning It” and Other Groovy Stuff this Week

harley davidson

Found a few real nuggets this week – read them, bookmark them and refer to them often.

For Indie Writers: You have the control. Own it. By Elizabeth Hunter. Ms. Hunter makes the very good point that indie authors are not just authors but also publishers and instead of complaining we should own it. I’m with her. It’s your party, you decide the menu, the party favors, the guest list and everything else. Own it. Enjoy it. Do it.

I miss the blogosphere by Nathan Bransford. A sweet post that made me long for the good old days of blogging too. Before it was a social media ‘tool’

The complete list of creative distractions and defenses against them by Dan Blank A humorous and accurate list of how we allow ourselves to get distracted from our work.

Indie Authors Should Think Twice About Kickstarter by Michael Kozlowski. A short but profound cautionary tale about Indie’s going the Kickstarter route.

And last but not least, for Raymond Chandler fans –The Long Goodbye audio book at Audible

Have a great week everybody. 😀


9 thoughts on “Indie Authors “Owning It” and Other Groovy Stuff this Week

  1. I loved the post ‘Where has the blogosphere’ gone. This is before my time but I think I would have fit right in. Everything today seems to be about ‘networking’ and not creating real relationships. All the big blogs keep saying make friends with other blogs and leave comments for exposure. Truth is, I don’t want to leave comments for the sake of leaving a comment. I’ve been on the hunt for blogs I truly enjoy reading. Maybe that’s the difference between today and the blog glory days, then people didn’t force it and let the relationships happen naturally. I suppose I should take my own advice;)

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    1. Hi A.E.,
      I loved it too. It reminded me of when I started out. That’s how it was – more like a neighborhood where we all hung over our virtual backyard fences and chatted it up, exchanged ideas, recipes and laughs.

      Like you, I prefer the connection with people, not the networking aspect. Besides, when you really connect with other bloggers, the networking is a natural outcropping of that relationship. Right?

      Thanks for your thoughtful comments. Have a great week.


  2. I read Nathan’s piece. Every year so many stop blogging. It’s like when a friend moves away. I’ve had to make an effort to keep building my community. But I’m also happy when a new kid moves in!

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    1. Hi Susie,
      I know what you mean – so many have just stopped blogging and I miss a lot of my old blogging buds. I think secretly I keep hoping they’ll come back. Right?

      Yup, finding new kids on the block can be fun.

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  3. Thanks for putting this together for us. I agree about the blogging thing becoming merely a tool. Kind of seems that many blogs are built to make money of off people’s dreams when with a little research, we could all figure it out ourselves. Recently had this popular blogger share one of my posts and get chatty with me (even though I’ve shared her stuff without any agendas many times). Fine. Next thing I know this person sends me a link to something she’s trying to sell. Never heard from her after that. Yes, when I finally get my book published I will share my book but not in a fake predatory/spammy way.

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    1. You’re totally right and the exploitation bothers me, personally. I guess that blogger showed her true colors, eh? I’ve had similar situations – opened up the blog to guest posts for others and some are tre’s cool, others just users.

      Oh well, you get what you sow, right?

      Weirdly yours,

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