Self-e for Indie Authors and Other Discover-abilities this Week


I’m sensing a theme this week and it all has to do with being discovered, getting discovered, making yourself discover-licious. Anyway…

How to Get Visible in Libraries. By Porter Anderson (guesting on Anne R. Allen’s blog) Explains SELFe. A program that may help indie authors get the attention of librarians and by doing so, conquer at least in part the discoverability factor.

Meeting Readers Where They Are from Writer Unboxed. Another interesting post that discusses the discoverability factor, which is ever present on the minds of indie authors.

DIY Point of Sales Programs for Indie Authors. Want to sell your books directly from your own site? This article from Publisher’s Weekly might set you in the right direction.

If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to the first chaper of Harper Lee’s new book Go Set a Watchman.

Top 10 Tomato Solutions. Just for fun. If you’re a gardener like me, this quick little article may help you improve your tomato crop – or at least give you a clue what may be wrong.

Have a great week everybody.


2 thoughts on “Self-e for Indie Authors and Other Discover-abilities this Week

  1. Ooh, tomatoes! My neighbors have a nice patch, which I can see from the study window. It mocks me!!! Because Hubs suggested we should plant some veggies and I said no, thinking it would be too hot… And now the neighbor’s tomatoes are mocking me! Go figure…

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    1. LOL Ramona, I could swear I responded to this comment. Must’ve dreamed it. Yes, tomatoes. I love tomatoes fresh from the garden and I’ve been growing them for years. Although this year my crop has been a bit sad. Probably due to the erratic weather we’ve been having. And by the way, tomatoes love heat – pretty much than anything so it’s always a good time to plant. They even have varieties you can get to grow in pots. Anyway, if you let me I’ll jabber about tomatoes for hours. Best to stop now.



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